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76) Rack standards

Authoritative guides, or directives, used in the manufacture, sales and use of storage rack systems and components.

77) Reinforcing member

The component of rack decking which increases the capacity rating and rigidity of the assembly.  Examples are: channels, tubes, rods, etc.

78) Pallet lifter

A below-the-hook lifting device that utilizes forks in its design and serves to take the role of forklift forks while utilizing the capabilities of a crane and/or hoist.  Generally, counterweighted at its top and attached via a bail and hook arrangement.

79) Radio control

A communication medium through which motor, drives and controls receive direction over radio waves emitted from hand-held and equipment mounted transmitters.

80) Pendant station

Also referred to as a "pushbutton station".  An electrical control device consisting of pushbutton-operated contacts in an enclosure used by the operator for control of the powered motions of the crane, hoist and other auxiliary equipment.

81) Rated load capacity

The maximum load for which the equipment is designed by the manufacturer.

82) RFID

Radio frequency identification

83) RF

Acronym for Radio Frequency .

84) Radio frequency

A communication medium by which motor and controls are directed by means of high and low frequency radio transmission directives.  Often referred to as a Wireless Controls .

85) Rigid container

A rigid wire, steel or plastic container with a rigid structural framework for strength and stiffness and is not capable of being folded flat.

86) PCMH

Professional Certified in Materials Handling (PCMH) is one of two certifications available to the materials handling professional through the Materials Handling and Management Society (MHMS).  For more information visit the web site at

87) Pallet life

The usable life of a pallet and is expressed in time in use or in the number of trips that the pallet has been in service.

88) Pallet pattern

The  layer- by- layer arrangement or pattern of boxes/cartons as they are placed on a pallet.

89) Pallet performance

The performance of a pallet as expressed in terms of durability, stability (lateral), degree of stiffness or rigidity, and strength.

90) Reversible pallet

A pallet designed and constructed to use both the top and bottom deckboards as load bearing members.  This pallet has identical top and bottom decks.