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91) Pallet dispenser

A pallet feeder is a device used for feeding empty pallets.    It is often known as a pallet dispenser.

92) Pallet length

The first dimension stated in categorizing or describing a pallet

93) Polypropylene plastic

A thermoplastic resin that is hard and tough and has increased optics.  Functions well in thermo-formed applications such as pallets and containers.

94) Polyethylene plastic

A polymerized resin used especially for making tubing, film or bags for packaging.

95) Pallet dimensions

Measurement points to determine a pallet's dimensions: Length=distance between pallet ends (inclusive of overhang) and parallel to the stringer(s). Width=distance between pallet sides at right angles to the pallet length inclusive of any overhang Height=distance from the outer edges of the bottom deckboards to the outer edges of the top deckboard. Pallet dimensions are generally shown in inches.

96) Pallet double wing

A pallet constructed in such a way as to have the top deck extending out from opposite sides.

97) Pallet exchange program

A program agreed upon by several shippers and receivers with each party assuming responsibility for the total inventory of pallets.  These parties exchange pallets on a one-for-one basis with each transaction recorded and documented.  Program provides cost savings in off loading time and time pressures on warehousing personnel.

98) Patented track

A generic term referring to crane and monorail equipment built in accordance with the MMA specification utilizing a composite track section incorporating a proprietary bottom flange shape. A monorail track beam fabricated from a "T" section and a running flange.  Patented track is characterized by the "hardness" of its load bearing surface and the ability to be bent into curves without deformation of the beam's load bearing surface.  The name "patented track" derived from the original patent received by the inventor for the fabrication  and production process of the beam(s).


The Reusable Plastic Pallet & Container Association (RPCPA) was created by a group of visionary manufacturers who design, fabricate and apply Reusable Plastic Pallet and Container Solutions on a worldwide scale. A product section of the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA), RPCPA members make a substantial commitment of time & resources to the long-term health and welfare of the industry. RPCPA programming is intended to: Create awareness and recognition of Reusable Plastic Pallet and Container Solutions as environmentally friendly and cost effective platform for material handling and logistics Develop and deliver important information on proper application and use through publications and educational activities

100) Reusable plastic container

Storage or transport vessels made of durable molded plastic.  Intended to be used more than once.

101) Plastic pallet

A device used for moving and storing freight.  It is used as a base for assembling, storing, stacking, handling, and transporting goods as a unit load.  Commonly, it is about four feet square and is so constructed to facilitate the placement of a lift truck's forks between the levels of a platform so it may be moved easily.

102) Rack

A single or multi-level structural storage system that is utilized to support high stacking of single items or palletized loads

103) Reusable Container & Pallet Association (RCPA) Industry Group

The Reusable Container & Pallet Association (RCPA) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of the reusable/returnable industrial plastic containers, pallets and packaging. They supply solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

104) RMA

Rack Manufacturers Institute, Inc. The Rack Manufacturers Institute, Inc. is an independent incorporated trade association affiliated with the Material Handling Industry.  The membership of RMI is made up of companies which produce the preponderance of industrial storage racks. Rack Manufacturers Institute 8720 Red Oak Blvd., Suite 201 Charlotte, NC  28217 Phone: (704) 676-1190    Fax:  (704) 676-1199 Jeff Woroniecki, Managing Director

105) ProMat

A MHIA International Show and Conference McCormick Place North Chicago, IL USA Occurs in odd numbered years in Chicago and offers a wide range of exhibits representing the very best in material handling equipment and technology. Contact the Material Handling Industry of America at 800-345-1815 for more information.  Please ask for the ProMat Staff.