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46) Software

A system of codes which instructs a computer as to the functions it is expected to perform. 

47) Solid deck pallet

A pallet constructed with no spacing along the deck(s).

48) Solid side pallet

A pallet constructed such that the stringer sides are not notched.

49) Sonic control

A means of transmitting "instructions" to the controls of a material handling device utilizing sound and or voice.  A form of Wireless Controls .

50) Sortation

Separating items (parcels, boxes, cartons, parts, etc.) according to their intended destination within a plant or for transit.

51) Specification

The Product Sections affiliated with the Material Handling Industry of America have and continue to develop specifications and standards for performance, testing, safety and design of various types of material handling equipment. To preview these MHIA developed standards, please utilize the MHIA Web site at .

52) Split case order picking

A  process used to fill orders for quantities less than a full case thereby requiring ordered items to be picked from a case or some similar container.

53) Spreader beam

A below-the-hook lifting device that utilizes two or more hooks (attaching devices) located along a beam and the spreader beam attaches to the hoist by means of a bail.  The spreader beam is used to handle long or wide load and serves to "spread" the load over more than one lifting point. Often used in conjunction with slings.

54) Stackable container

Hand-held container that can be stacked or nested when turned 180 degrees.

55) Stack and nest container

A combination container that has both stacking and nesting features.  Can be stacked ands nested in 90 degree and 180 degree combination.

56) Stacker crane

The stacker crane in appearance looks like a conventional bridge crane except that in place of a hoist, a rotating ridged or telescoping mast is suspended from the bridge trolley with the mast equipped with a load handling device such as single or double forks or a grab. These cranes can be manually operated or powered and are used where the carne spans multiple aisles allowing for the storage and retrieval within any aisle of items such as coils of steel.

57) Stacking frames

Portable storage aids for attachment to pallets to enable stacking of unstable items two three or more units high.

58) Stacking interlock

Refers to the mechanism that locks containers when they are stacked on top of another container.  This feature allows safe and secure shipping load units.

59) Stacking pallet

A pallet constructed in such a manner as to allow one pallet complete with load to be placed on another without damage to the lower unit load.  This is generally achieved by utilizing a superstructure within the pallet.

60) Stacking saddle or arch

An element of the leg of a container that engages the container wall below to ensure safe stacking.