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61) Track switch

A device with a moving section of monorail or patented track that can be moved to permit the passage of a carrier or trolley from one fixed track to another.

62) Track section

A piece or section of a monorail or patented track system.

63) Tractor drive

An electrically or pneumatically powered drive mechanism that attaches to a trolley or carrier, via a tow bar, and allows the trolley/carrier to move on a monorail or negotiate switches, curves and drop sections.   Manually powered trolleys or carriers can be retrofitted with tractor drives, in some cases.

64) Unit Load AS/RS

Machines that store large loads (usually 1,000+ pounds), typically on pallets with storage rack structure, reaching 100 feet or more tall.

65) Tugger AGV

A tugger AGV is a powered, wheel based transport vehicle that is capable of pulling one or more non powered vehicles (with loads) behind it in a train. AGVs operate under computer control without the need for human operators or drivers. See also AGVS .

66) System Integrator

A System Integrator is a company that possesses the resources required to provide a full set of engineering services needed to take a project from the problem definition stage all the way through to implementation and system acceptance by the end user. In some cases, but not always, a company that defines itself as a system integrator may also manufacture equipment and controls. A system integrator will also assume financial responsibility for system performance. See also Consultant and/or Integrated Systems & Controls.

67) Unit Load AGV

A unit load AGV is a powered, wheel based transport vehicle that carries a discrete load, such as an individual item (e.g. a large roll of paper, coil of steel or automobile engine) or items contained on a pallet or in a tote or similar temporary storage medium. AGVs operate under computer control without the need for human operators or drivers. See also AGVS .

68) Skid

A pallet that does not utilize a bottom deck.  Generally supports the top deck by means of blocks and stringers.

69) Stack only container

A container that possesses self-supporting and straight walls.  This feature means that the container walls are straight and can support the total weight of several stacked containers.  Stackability reduces the required floor or rack storage space for empty containers.

70) Stackable container

Hand-held container that can be stacked or nested when turned 180 degrees.

71) Straight wall container

A container made from plastic or metal whose walls are not corrugated but are indeed straight walls with no ridges or perforations.

72) Third Party Logistics

Third Party Logistics, or 3PL is a business arrangement whereby logistics services, often including warehousing, are contracted to an independent business that specializes in such services and is not connected through direct ownership to the producer or factory requiring the service. See also, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Material Handling. Note that all of referenced terms are highly interrelated and their definitions are frequently intermingled.

73) Shelf opening

The basic shelving compartment formed between two shelves within a unit of shelving.

74) Shelving service aisle

The area in front of a unit or row of units required to service (pick or place stock into or out of the shelving unit.

75) Shelving post system

The vertical upright member that supports the horizontal shelf.  Posts are manufactured in a variety of configurations.