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76) Stretch film

This is popular method of securing loads, especially the irregularly shaped unit load and loads that cannot tolerate the strain of being strapped. This film is tensioned and stretched mechanically as it is unwrapped from its rolls. The tension is released as it is wrapped around the load. The result is greater holding power.

77) Stretchwrapping

Unitizing a load by stretching and wrapping a plastic sheet tightly over the load.

78) Stringer

The support beams of a pallet which generally are placed at right angles to the deckboards and designated as edge stringers or center stringers.

79) Stringer board

A component of a pallet that is a solid board placed between the deckboard and the block and extending the full length of a block pallet.

80) Stringer chord

Generally refers to the upper edge of a notched stringer.

81) Stringer foot

Generally refers to the bottom or lower edge of a notched stringer.

82) Strip base

A base of an industrial metal container utilizing a combination stacking saddle and bearing plate.

83) Structural foam molded pallet

Structural foam molding is a variation of the injection molded process whereby a compounded plastic material is introduced into an extruder in pellet form, heated to a molten state, and then formed by means of a rotating screw into one or more mold cavities.  The material adopts the configuration of the mold, and once cooled, it is injected as a fully formed pallet. With structural foam molding, a blowing agent is introduced to and mixed thoroughly through the plastic prior to its injection into the mold cavities.  The heating process activates the blowing agent and creates a cellular structure within the molten material. This cellular structure not only saves on raw material requirement, but it produces a part with an elevated strength-to-weight ratio.

84) Structural lifter

A lifter which consists of one or more rigid parts for attaching the load to the lifting device.

85) Structural rack

Steel storage rack made from hot rolled steel shapes, generally conforming to the requirements of AISC, such as angle, beams or tubing.

86) Supply Chain

The supply chain consists of the physical and communication paths connecting multiple, interrelated businesses.  Material, goods, products and information flow through these paths from their points of origin or source (often viewed as beginning with raw material) to the final end consumer. This flow is sometimes extended to include the eventual disposal, recycling or return of goods.  See also, Supply Chain Management, Logistics , Material Handling, and Third Party Logistics. Note that all of referenced terms are highly interrelated and their definitions are frequently intermingled.

87) Supply Chain Execution Systems & Technologies (SCE) Industry Group

The Supply Chain Execution Systems & Technologies Group members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of Supply Chain Execution software, hardware and services. They supply solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector. Supply chain execution solutions streamline the tracking and flow of inventory and information from the original source through consumption. Solutions include automatic identification hardware and software as well as software solutions including manufacturing execution, logistics execution, order management, warehouse management, inventory management, transportation management, enterprise resource planning, and workforce management.

88) Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is the integration and coordinated execution of all the business processes used to plan and execute the flow of material, goods, products and related information between the many sources and points of use throughout the supply chain in order to achieve the best overall, system wide performance in terms of total cost, on-time (just-in-time) delivery and minimum in-process inventories across the network of suppliers, factories and trading partners that comprise the supply chain.  See also, Supply Chain, Logistics, Material Handling, and Third Party Logistics. Note that all of referenced terms are highly interrelated and their definitions are frequently intermingled.

89) Supporting lifter

A lifter that carries the load on rigid projections or weight bearing surfaces.

90) Synchronous detection

The use of an exact sequence of light pulses to activate the output on a photoelectric cell.