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1) Yard management system

A system which is designed to facilitate and organize the coming, going and staging of trucks and trucks with trailers in the parking "yard" that serves a warehouse, distribution or manufacturing facility.

2) Yield strength

The guaranteed minimum yield point stress of the material as specified by the steel supplier.

3) YMS

Yard Management System.  See Yard Management System .

4) Yoke

A frame on which a pair of load carrying (trolley) wheel assemblies are mounted.

5) Zero pressure accumulation conveyor

A type of powered conveyor accumulation. Zero pressure accumulation is that which occurs when the driving force is completely removed form the load. This is usually accomplished by way of sensors in combination with various mechanical means such that when a load is stopped on a sensor, the driving force in the zone behind the stopped load is dropped away. When the next load is driven into the now dead zone, it too will stop, causing a like chain reaction upstream, or until such time that the first stopped load is released and moves on. Discharge from an accumulation point can be either one load at a time or a so-called slug discharge, where a pre-specified number of loads are released at one time.