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136) End/side edge load capacity

The maximum amount of static load that can be applied to the edge of a platform (end or side) when the lift is in any raised position.

137) Hinged bridge

A hinged transition plate which is attached to the edge of the platform and used to bridge the gap between the platform and landing and/or truck bed.

138) Interlock

A device to prevent lift movement when the landing gate is not fully closed and to prevent the landing gate from being opened unless the lift platform is present at that landing.

139) Landing gate

A gate to control personnel traffic at a landing.

140) Lift tables

A scissors lift device used to raise, lower, stack, convey and/or transfer material between two or more elevations and not limited to landing.

141) Lifting capacity

The rated load of a material handling lifting device (i.e., scissors lift, hoist) applied as uniformly distributed load.

142) Pantograph leg section

The articulated support mechanism characterized by a single central pivot axis, and commonly referred to as the scissors leg assembly.

143) Platform ends

The edges of the lift platform that are perpendicular to the scissor legs.  The end dimension is considered the platform width.

144) Rated capacity

The maximum load which can be applied according to the manufacturer's specification.

145) Rated load

The maximum capacity as specified by the equipment nameplate.

146) Rollover capacity

The maximum amount of single axle load which may be rolled over the platform surface when the lift is in its fully closed position.

147) Scissors lift

A raising/lowering device that is supported or stabilized by one or more pantograph leg section.

148) Strength factor

The ratio of ultimate strength of a material to tis design stress and maximum rated capacity.

149) Vertical creep

Extremely slow speed movement of a scissors lift that is the result of normal, internal leakage of fluid control valves.

150) Vertical travel

The difference between the fully raised height of the platform deck and the fully closed height of the platform deck on a scissors lift.