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211) Fork entry

The opening between decks of a pallet, beneath the top deck or beneath the stringer notch, to admit forks.

212) Fork or loop lever

A lever type limit switch that uses maintained contact and two wheels rotating around the ends of a "horseshoe" that pivots as the actuator to detect an object(s) moving in the forward and reverse direction.

213) Fork strap

Strap that links the fork openings on the base of a pallet container.  Fork straps can allow the use of a container on conveyors.

214) Four way block pallet

A pallet which, by its design and construction, is accessible to a pallet jack from all four sides; a full four-way entry pallet.

215) Four-way container

A container that is accessible from all four sides for storage and retrieval purposes.

216) Four-way entry pallet

Openings on all four sides of a pallet or the base of a pallet or container, which allow fork truck handling from all four sides.

217) Four-way fork entry

Openings on all four sides of a pallet or the base of a pallet container, which allow fork truck handling.

218) Four way pallet

A pallet which, by its construction, allows forks of a lift to enter the pallet from both sides and ends.

219) Four way stringer pallet

A pallet which utilizes stringers in its construction with these stringers being notched to allow four way insertion of forks.

220) Free span

The distance between supports in a storage rack.

221) Free standing mezzanine

A stand alone mezzanine structure constructed within an existing building or structure which is designed to maximize clear space under and above the mezzanine. Also referred to as a "free standing, wide span mezzanine", this type of mezzanine incorporates wide column spacing and high PSF (pounds per square foot) capacity. Usually engineered for a specific need.

222) Friction type pressure gripping lifter

A lifter that clamps the load and supports it by friction without causing permanent deformation of the load.

223) Full cantilevered jib crane

A form of wall mounted or column mounted jib crane that utilizes a vertical pivoted member and a bridge or mast that extends at right angles to the pivoting member.  This design adds the advantage of having the jib boom at the highest hook lift , thus taking advantage of an entire building height.

224) Full perimeter pallet

A pallet which utilizes a block design and incorporates the use of deckboards and stringer configured in the same plane.  Such a configuration results in the formation of a complete framework on both ends and both sides.

225) Gage

A standard measure for sheet steel thickness or wire diameter.