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16) Smart card

A card with a magnetic stripe to capture and present information.

17) Stock-to-operator equipment

A device which brings items from their storage locations to the end of an aisle where an operator or transport mechanism sends them to their point of use.

18) Stretchwrapping

Unitizing a load by stretching and wrapping a plastic sheet tightly over the load.

19) Telescoping belt conveyor

A belt conveyor whose length can be varied by telscoping slides on the frame.

20) Tilter

A device which mechanically angles a container towards the worker for easier loading and unloading of parts.

21) Tow line conveyor

A conveyor embedded in the floor which provides power to wheeled carriers moving along the floor.

22) Trolley conveyor

A series of trolleys with loads suspended from them, supported by an overhead track and connected by endless propelling medium such as chain or cable.

23) Turntable

A round flat surface which rotates about its center to allow an operator to easily access all parts of the surface.

24) Unitizer

Any type of equipment which aggregates several items into a single unit load.

25) Voice headset

Earphones and an attached microphone used by operators to interact with computer systems while keeping both hands free to simultaneously perform other tasks.

26) Walkie stacker

A power operated device controlled by an operator standing behind it, which lifts, stacks, and transports pallets.

27) Machine vision

A system which takes pictures of objects and codes and sends the pictures to a computer for interpretation.

28) Bombadier sorter

A device in which items are dropped down through swinging doors to a desired location.

29) Deflector

A stationary or moveable angled arm which deflects product flow access across a belt or roller conveyor to the desired location.

30) Hybrid truck

Material handling vehicle which crosses several categories, in function, in power source, etc.