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46) Bearing life

B-10 bearing life. The B-10 bearing life of an anti-friction bearing is the minimum expected life, in hours, of 90% of a group of bearings that are operated at a given speed and loading.

47) Bearing plate base

A base of an industrial container with bearing plates and steel stacking legs.

48) Belt conveyor

A conveyor that utilizes endless belts, made from fabric, rubber, plastic, leather, or metal, energized by drives and operating over those drives, tail ends, bend terminals, belt idlers or slider bed.  Handles bulk materials, packages and any object placed directly on the belt.

49) Belt driven live roller conveyor

A form of powered roller conveyor which is distinguished by a drive motor connected to a wide, flat belt which contacts the underside of the roller surface causing the rollers to rotate and move the load. The load is place directly on the belt which is supported by the rollers.

50) Benchmarking

A measurement process that establishes goals, operating targets and production expectations and can be used for comparison in an effort to achieve maximum efficiency of operation, i.e job evaluation, rating of performance, cost estimating and standards.

51) Bin pallet

A four-sided superstructure that is mounted on a pallet base, with or without a cover.  Also known as a box or container bin pallet.

52) Bins

A box, frame, crib or enclosed container used to store or ship goods.

53) Bin storage

May be considered a special case of shelving. The horizontal opening would typically be much narrower than that found in shelving and would have a vertical restraining member across the lower face of the bin opening.

54) Block pallet

A pallet designed with blocks of material between the pallet decks or beneath the top deck that serve as strengtheners and posts.

55) Block stacking

The action of putting objects into a block pattern in a floor storage area, usually more than one tier in height.

56) Blow molded pallet

A pallet manufactured by heating a plastic material and extruding it into tubing.  A section is cut to the desired length to create a parison which is then introduced into a mold cavity.  Air is introduced into the parison to inflate the parison until it conforms to the geometry of the mold.  When the part is fully formed and cooled, it is released from the mold for secondary operations such as machining and trimming.

57) Bombadier sorter

A device in which items are dropped down through swinging doors to a desired location.

58) Bonded blocking

In order that boxes do not topple or turn over when they are stacked, the boxes are overlapped in a wall configuration.  This overlapping forms a bond as such.

59) Bottom block

The device at the bottom of a hoist's lifting medium (chain/wire rope) through which the medium is reeved and supports the hook and/or an attachment.  May be stationary or rotating depending upon the requirements for the piece of lifting equipment.

60) Box girder crane

An overhead traveling crane that utilizes a "box" configuration in fabricating the bridge girder.  This box girder design incorporates a four-sided box with a running surface plate for the hoist trolley attached to the bottom of the box.  The advantage of the box girder is that it possesses greater loading capabilities and is able to span greater bridge distances. Generally utilized in pairs with the hoisting mechanism operating on rails attached to the top of each box girder.