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61) Brake

A device, incorporated into material handling equipment, utilized to retard or stop the motion of that piece of equipment.  Often utilized in conjunction with the motor of that equipment or may be mechanical in nature, utilizing a "ratchet and pawl" configuration.

62) Bridge Crane

A lifting and horizontal movement device mounted on a "bridge" of one or more horizontal girders (bridge girders) which are supported at either end by trucks (end trucks).  These trucks are attached at right angles to the girders and move on runways which are attached to a building's columns, overhead trusses, frames, or via a free standing system of columns.

63) Broken case

An open case.  The term is often used interchangeably with "repack" or "less-than-full-case" to name the area in which materials are picked in that form.

64) Bucket loader

A form of portable, self-feeding, inclined bucket elevator for loading bulk materials into cars, trucks, or other conveyors.

65) Buffering

The process of storing "back-up" or reserve stock/inventory to absorb expected variations in usage between the time reorder action is initiated and the first part of new orders is received in stock.

66) Bulk bin

Plastic or metal bins that are designed to handle larger or "bulk" quantities of materials or merchandise. Bulk bins tend to large in size, relative to other types of bins, and are generally designed to be higher capacity in terms of load capabilities.

67) Bulk container

Bulk containers are heavy duty containers designed for bulk storage material handling.

68) Bulk packing

The process or act of placing numbers of small cartons or boxes into a larger single box to aid in the movement of product and to prevent damage or pilferage to the smaller cartons or boxes.

69) Bulk storage

The process of housing or storing materials and packages in larger quantities, generally using the original packaging or shipping containers or boxes.

70) Bumpers, dock

Pieces of rubber or other resilient material located at the floor level of a dock opening to cushion the building from truck trailer impact.

71) Cable reel

An electrically, manually or spring-loaded device used to accumulate power cable on a reel so as to keep the cable from interfering with the piece of equipment to which the cable is bringing power.  A cable reel disperses and takes up the cable as needed and retracts the cable as the machine nears the reel.

72) CAD

Computer aided design.  A computer software system that allows the user to "draw" and design objects "on a screen" as opposed to the traditional method of drafting and prototyping.

73) CAMH

Certified Associate in Materials Handling (CAMH) is one of two certifications for the materials handling professional offered by the Materials Handling & Management Society.  For more information visit:

74) Cantilevered gantry crane

A single or double legged gantry crane designed so that the bridge girder extends over the leg or legs so as to form a cantilevered configuration.  Such a design increases the loading surface of the bridge girder therein increasing the reach capabilities of the gantry crane.

75) Cantilever rack

A rack, utilizing "arms" cantilevered from columns, used where there is a need for a full clear shelf that can be loaded from the front without obstruction from rack support uprights.