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76) Total Quality Management

The quality of a total process is managed by observing and seeking to meet customer expectations.  The emphasis then becomes the prevention, detection, and elimination of defects or other quality problems.

77) Agile manufacturing

Manufacturing that is able to move with speed and ease.  Manufacturing, that through planning and equipping, is able to move nimbly with the currents of business demands.

78) Floor plans

A diagram of the operating floor of a building.  Generally shows the area of a building including structural features such as columns, offices and washrooms, break areas, stairwells, elevators, doors, windows and openings such as loading dock area.

79) Shop floor scheduling

A system that prioritizes and schedules work for the shop floor and communicates the progress of this work regarding the schedules and plans that have been made.  Shop floor planning is necessary to ensure that quantities that are expected to be completed on time are and also that the resources (labor, materials, machinery and equipment) are used to best effect in on-time delivery, inventory minimization and cost control.

80) Roller conveyor

A series of roller supported in a frame over which objects are advanced manually, by gravity, or by power.

81) Flooring

The design of a floor in a building or mezzanine is an important ingredient in the reliability and safety of that building or mezzanine.  Worker-friendly floors are imperative if ergonomic considerations are to be addressed.  The strength and stability of the floor is an important consideration as the floor must adequately support the machinery and moving vehicles utilized in the material handling system.

82) Material flow

The function of maintaining a constantly available supply of materials needed for production.  Such materials may include raw materials, purchased items, or assembled items.  The movement of materials to, through, and from productive processes; in warehouses and storage; and in receiving and shipping areas.

83) Flow rack

Storage rack that utilizes shelves (metal) that are equipped with rollers or wheels.  Such an arrangement allows product and materials to "flow" from the back of the rack to the front and therein making the product more accessible for small-quantity order-picking.

84) Pnuematic puller

An air-powered conveyor sortation device.  This device is used to redirect packages and materials on a conveyor.  Pulling device travels beyond the object to be redirected and retracts, therein pulling the object in the desired direction.

85) Powered wheel diverter

A device on a conveyor sortation system used to move a case/carton/piece off the main line.  The device utilizes wheels(skate) that are powered to raise up form the conveyor bed and divert the objects in the desired direction.

86) Line shaft diverter

Roller diverters used in line shaft conveyor to sort and redirect materials along a powered conveyor line. 

87) Standard

The Product Sections affiliated with the Material Handling Industry of America have and continue to develop specifications and standards for performance, testing, safety and design of various types of material handling equipment. To preview these MHIA developed standards, please utilize the MHIA Web site at .

88) CAD

Computer aided design.  A computer software system that allows the user to "draw" and design objects "on a screen" as opposed to the traditional method of drafting and prototyping.

89) Container washing

Service to clean and maintain containers.

90) Maintenance diagnostics

A process by which the frequency, amount and cost of maintenance to buildings and machines is evaluated on an on-going basis.  Such a process ensures that the buildings and machines at a facility are being maintained at the correct levels in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Software programs designed specifically for this purpose are available.