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91) Picking

The act of selecting and accumulating items that have been ordered, usually done under a well defined process that takes into account historical order patterns for all items eligible to be ordered.

92) Lumbar Motion Monitor

An electronic device that is usually attached to the lumbar (lower back) portion of a worker's body and "records/reads" the types, frequency and amount of exertion on that worker's lumbar. An ergonomic tool to assist in preventing lower back injuries.

93) Quick response

A "Just in Time" system that seeks to facilitate the timely replenishment of store stock at the retail level by vendors.  Such a system seeks to minimize the amount of inventory retained at the retail store level.

94) Efficient Consumer Response

This initiative, begun in the grocery industry, that "links" all the components in the supply channel from the producer of the goods to the point of sale so as to create efficiencies in replenishments, inventory levels, promotions and new product introductions.

95) Cross stacking

The ability to inter-stack different heights and sizes of containers due to the rib design on the container base.

96) Electrostatic protection

Protection from static charges.

97) Four-way entry pallet

Openings on all four sides of a pallet or the base of a pallet or container, which allow fork truck handling from all four sides.

98) Plastic bin

Reusable container used for storing and shipping materials.

99) Assembly line balancing

A process by which all work required to complete an assembly is divided and assigned to progressive stations, such that the work in each station is equal or nearly equal.

100) Cumulative Trauma Disorder

An injury that may be the result of stresses from repetitive motions such as twisting of the body during product movement or key board entry.

101) Sensor

An electronic device designed to detect a specific phenomenon, such as the presence or absence of a physical object, and used to affect control over a designated process.

102) Photoelectric

A form of sensor that uses light to detect the presence or absence of a physical object.  See also Sensor .

103) Navigation

The planning and directing of the course of a material handling vehicle.  Especially applies to non-manned AGV's and other such carriers.

104) Cellular manufacturing

The partitioning of a manufacturing system into smaller subsystems or "cells".  Each of these cells or subsystems process a grouping of similar parts, products or functions therein reducing setup time, throughput time and work-in-process.

105) Cycle time

A measurement of time required to order, fulfill, and deliver products and stock items.  The two (2) major components of cycle time are order cycle and replenishment cycle.