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106) Cycle time

A measurement of time required to order, fulfill, and deliver products and stock items.  The two (2) major components of cycle time are order cycle and replenishment cycle.

107) Kitting

The light assembly of component parts and sub-assemblies.  Performed primarily by warehouse personnel.

108) Buffering

The process of storing "back-up" or reserve stock/inventory to absorb expected variations in usage between the time reorder action is initiated and the first part of new orders is received in stock.

109) Programmable logic controller

Serving to replace hard-wire and relays, the PLC can be changed (programmed) without changing wiring and tends to be highly reliable and fast-acting.  Industrial environments do not require fans, air conditioning or electrical filters to operate the PLC.  The PLC is relatively easy to program or change applications and is reusable and troubleshooting is self diagnosed.

110) Demurrage

A term associated with the charge (monetary) that can be levied against a shipper or consignee who detains a container, truck, ship or railroad car beyond the allotted time for loading and unloading of that piece of transport equipment. Such a monetary "penalty" is used to offset the loss to the carrier as a result of the delay.  "Detention" is another work used for demurrage.

111) Identification solutions

Products such as placards, holders and nameplates that permanently or temporarily identify containers, racks, and pallets.

112) Read/Write Tag

Technology that allows for a identification tag to be programmed and revised while the tag is still on the container, rack or pallet.

113) Label identification system

The system employed in identifying products and containers by use of various types of labels/placards/holders.

114) Tracking software

Software programs developed specifically to enhance the "tracking" of returnable containers and pallets. 

115) Pouch placard system

An identification/labeling procedure that utilizes plastic or paper pouches to house or container any necessary paperwork that should accompany a container, pallet or box.

116) Magnetic placard

Placard system made of magnetic material and used on metal racks and other metal surfaces.

117) Thermal transfer label

Labels printed using a direct thermal printer that does not use ribbons.

118) Direct thermal label

A label that is printed using a direct thermal printer.  Advantage to thermal labeling/do not use ribbons.

119) Returnable container labeling

The method used to mark/identify returnable/reusable container and pallets to insure that they return to the proper destination.  Can be as simple as stenciling or as sophisticated as barcoding.

120) Mobile equipment

Material handling equipment that is designed to move within and outside a facility to transport materials, people and maintenance/service supplies.  Such equipment can range from industrial trucks, personnel carriers, lifts and AGV's.