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121) Wireless controls

Just as the name denotes, these controlling devices utilize laser, radio and infrared medium to a relay information to various types of material handling equipment.

122) Gravity conveyor

Conveyor on which materials are moved by gravity or by a person, as opposed to a conveyor on which materials are moved with powered belts or rollers.

123) Flow

Materials traveling on gravity or powered conveyor or without manual assistance.

124) Flow controller

Photo eye or similar device used to control materials discharge from upstream conveyor(s) under full line/choke conditions.

125) Fluid load

The direct loading of a trailer from a conveyor line.

126) Information Technology

IT.  The use of automated data processing and telecommunications tools to enable a more rapid flow of information within a supply chain.

127) Capacity Requirements Planning

The function of establishing, measuring, and adjusting limits of capacity.  The term CRP in this context refers to the process of determining in detail the amount of labor and machine resources required to accomplish the tasks of production.

128) Carton

A corrugated cardboard container filled at the facility for handling (shipping).

129) Case

An unopened container, usually made of corrugated cardboard, containing merchandise as it was received from the vendor.

130) Case pick

The selection of merchandise packaged in shippable cartons for orders from a pick location onto a transporting device (conveyor, cart, pallet).

131) Case pick from pallet

This is a selection activity performed within a specific type of storage area (often pallet rack).  Merchandise movement into these locations is in pallet load quantities from receiving or reserve storage locations.  Merchandise movement out of these locations is in case quantities.

132) Diverter

A device on a conveyor sortation system used to move a case/carton/piece off the main line.

133) Economic Justification

A comparison of alternative material handling equipment and the assessment of its impact on a company as far as taxes, depreciation, inflation and initial cost.  Generally does involve activity based costing.

134) Platform/Fork length

The platform or fork dimension of a tilter as measured perpendicular to the hinged edge (tilt axis).  This is considered the side of the platform or fork.

135) Aisle

The space between storage aids used by material handling equipment and/or personnel.