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1) Track switch

A device with a moving section of monorail or patented track that can be moved to permit the passage of a carrier or trolley from one fixed track to another.

2) Track section

A piece or section of a monorail or patented track system.

3) Carrier

Also known as a trolley.  A unit that travels on the bottom flange of a monorail or patented track beam, jib crane or bridge girder to transport a load. Also refers to a trucking line used to transport materials to and from a distribution center.

4) I-beam crane

An overhead traveling bridge crane that utilizes standard I-beam (S beams) as the bridge girder and at times also utilizes I beams as the runway beams.  Cranes that utilize H-beams (structural beams) as girder and runways are sometimes referred to as I-beam cranes as opposed to patented track cranes.

5) Patented track

A generic term referring to crane and monorail equipment built in accordance with the MMA specification utilizing a composite track section incorporating a proprietary bottom flange shape. A monorail track beam fabricated from a "T" section and a running flange.  Patented track is characterized by the "hardness" of its load bearing surface and the ability to be bent into curves without deformation of the beam's load bearing surface.  The name "patented track" derived from the original patent received by the inventor for the fabrication  and production process of the beam(s).