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1) Material Handling

Material Handling is the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal.  The focus is on the methods, mechanical equipment, systems and related controls used to achieve these functions. See also, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Third Party Logistics. Note that all of referenced terms are highly interrelated and their definitions are frequently intermingled.

2) Material Handling Accessory Manufacturer

Material Handling Accessory Manufacturers (See ICCM )

3) Materials Handling Management Society

The Materials Handling & Management Society (MHMS) is an individual membership organization for the material handling practitioner and the material handling community. Members include individuals who are committed to continuing their professional career development.

4) Material Handling Principles

A principle is a general rule, fundamental, or other statement of an observed truth. Over time certain fundamental truths of material handling have been found to exist. The "principles" of material handling are often useful in analyzing, planning and managing material handling activities and systems. At the very least they form a basic foundation upon which one can begin building expertise in material handling. These principles, that serve as a starting point to identifying potential problems and assessing need, are: 1. Planning 2. Standardization 3. Work 4. Ergonomic 5. Unit Load 6. Space Utilization 7. System 8. Automation 9. Environment 10. Life Cycle Cost To receive a complete explanation for each of these :"Principles", contact the Material Handling Institute at (704) 676-1190 and ask for the document, "The Ten Principles of Material Handling".


Material Handling Accessory Manufacturers (See ICCM )

6) Navigation

The planning and directing of the course of a material handling vehicle.  Especially applies to non-manned AGV's and other such carriers.

7) Mobile equipment

Material handling equipment that is designed to move within and outside a facility to transport materials, people and maintenance/service supplies.  Such equipment can range from industrial trucks, personnel carriers, lifts and AGV's.

8) Master carton

Utilized as a  larger uniform shipping carton for smaller packages or carton, the master carton serves to lessen material handling time and adds protection during shipping to the smaller items.

9) Master pack

A large box that is used to pack a number of smaller boxes or containers.  Aids in protecting the smaller cartons or packages and reduces the number of cartons to be handled during the material handling process.

10) Monorail Manufacturers Association, Inc. (MMA) Industry Group

Founded in 1933, The Monorail Manufacturers Association, Inc. (MMA) is an independent incorporated trade association affiliated with the Material Handling Industry. MMA Members produce the preponderance of patented and enclosed track underhung cranes and monorail systems.

11) Mesh container

Often referred to as a wire mesh container, this material handling device is made from welded metal wire mesh and possesses a substructure to give the container strength and rigidity. A container that is made of woven, knit or knotted material of open texture with evenly spaced holes.

12) Monorail Manufacturers Association

An independent incorporated trade association affiliated with the Material Handling Industry.  The membership of MMA is made up of companies which produce the preponderance of patented and enclosed track underhung cranes and monorail systems.   Monorail Manufacturers Association, Inc. 8720 Red Oak Blvd., Suite 201 Charlotte, NC 28217 Phone: (704) 676-1190    Fax: (704) 676-1199 Hal Vandiver, Managing Director hvandiver