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31) Integrated Systems & Controls (ISC) Industry Group

Integrated Systems & Controls (ISC) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of integrated material handling and controls systems. They supply systems worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

32) LES

Logistics Execution Systems manage inventory, space, material handling equipment, labor and transportation resources to assure timely, error-free fulfillment and visibility of order status throughout the supply chain.

33) Master carton

Utilized as a  larger uniform shipping carton for smaller packages or carton, the master carton serves to lessen material handling time and adds protection during shipping to the smaller items.

34) Master pack

A large box that is used to pack a number of smaller boxes or containers.  Aids in protecting the smaller cartons or packages and reduces the number of cartons to be handled during the material handling process.

35) Brake

A device, incorporated into material handling equipment, utilized to retard or stop the motion of that piece of equipment.  Often utilized in conjunction with the motor of that equipment or may be mechanical in nature, utilizing a "ratchet and pawl" configuration.

36) Radio controlled

Means by which a material handling device or piece of equipment is controlled by receiving commands via radio frequencies sent to an onboard receiver.  Allows the equipment or device to be controlled remotely and out of harm's way.

37) Monorail Manufacturers Association, Inc. (MMA) Industry Group

Founded in 1933, The Monorail Manufacturers Association, Inc. (MMA) is an independent incorporated trade association affiliated with the Material Handling Industry. MMA Members produce the preponderance of patented and enclosed track underhung cranes and monorail systems.

38) Rack Association

The Rack Manufacturers Institute, Inc. is an independent incorporated trade association affiliated with the Material Handling Industry.  The membership of RMI is made up of companies which produce the preponderance of industrial storage racks.

39) Economic Justification

A comparison of alternative material handling equipment and the assessment of its impact on a company as far as taxes, depreciation, inflation and initial cost.  Generally does involve activity based costing.

40) Reliability

The measure of how well a material handling device or system will perform in a production situation.  Measure is based upon how well the device or system performs without interruption in service due to mechanical or control failure.

41) Mesh container

Often referred to as a wire mesh container, this material handling device is made from welded metal wire mesh and possesses a substructure to give the container strength and rigidity. A container that is made of woven, knit or knotted material of open texture with evenly spaced holes.

42) Simulation

A technique used  to test-drive or simulate the operation of a material handling system in a production or warehousing facility.  A computer generated model is created to represent the proposed system and the flow of product is "sent" through the model.  The efficiency of the proposed system can thereby be gauged prior to the actual installation of the system.

43) Flooring

The design of a floor in a building or mezzanine is an important ingredient in the reliability and safety of that building or mezzanine.  Worker-friendly floors are imperative if ergonomic considerations are to be addressed.  The strength and stability of the floor is an important consideration as the floor must adequately support the machinery and moving vehicles utilized in the material handling system.

44) Crane Manufacturers

As applies to Members of the Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA), this term usually applies to manufacturers of overhead traveling cranes, jib cranes, stacker cranes, and gantry cranes to the exclusion of mobile cranes, tower cranes or devices otherwise referred to as construction cranes.

45) Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) Industry Group

Protective Guarding Manufacturing Association member companies meet regularly to review, discuss, and revise the standards for design and performance of protective guarding products used in the material handling industry. ProGMA member companies are committed to the development, maintenance, and publishing of industry standard specifications for these systems.