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1) Hoists

A suspended machinery unit that is used for lifting or lowering a freely suspended (unguided) load.  May be manually operated or electrically or pneumatically driven and may use chain or wire rope as its lifting medium.

2) Integrated Systems & Controls (ISC) Industry Group

Integrated Systems & Controls (ISC) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of integrated material handling and controls systems. They supply systems worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

3) Integrated Systems & Controls

Integrated Systems and Controls (ISC) refers to a product section of the Material Handling Industry of America. An integrated system is a desired state that generally refers to at least one of the three possible characteristics of an installed material handling system. First, although mechanical automation of the material flow properties of a system may be evident, it is the automation of the information flow associated with what is taking place, concurrently with the physical flow, that is the most defining characteristic. Secondly, an integrated system can be characterized by an unbroken, highly coordinated material flow link between successive stages in a manufacturing or warehousing operation where continuous flow is emphasized, and delays, waiting and intermediate storage minimized. Thirdly, an integrated system characteristically interfaces two or more material handling devices in order to form the bridge between work stations or other discrete points of origin and destination within the material flow cycle, with the goal being a high degree of mechanical coordination and the precise timing of movements. See also System Integrator , Consultant , and Controls .

4) Hand trolley

A trolley or carrier, generally suspended from a monorail or crane bridge, that is capable or designed to be propelled manually.  A push-pull trolley.

5) Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI) Industry Group

The Hoist Manufacturers Institute (HMI) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of hoisting equipment including hand chain hoists, ratchet lever hoists, trolleys, air chain hoist, air wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, and electric wire manufacturing and distribution sector.

6) I-beam crane

An overhead traveling bridge crane that utilizes standard I-beam (S beams) as the bridge girder and at times also utilizes I beams as the runway beams.  Cranes that utilize H-beams (structural beams) as girder and runways are sometimes referred to as I-beam cranes as opposed to patented track cranes.

7) Industrial crane

A machine for lifting and lowering a load, and moving it horizontally.  Drives may be manual, power, or a combination of both and utilized totally in an industrial environment.

8) Gear motor

A commonly used term that designates a hoist that derives its lifting and lowering power from a mechanical setup involving a gear set and pneumatic or electric motor.

9) Infrared

Infrared is a line of sight, wireless remote data communication technology.

10) Industrial metal container

An industrial metal container may be made of welded wire or corrugated steel.  Some are solid, others have perforations, and some are made of wire mesh.  They may have sliding or folding gates to provide access to contents or locking lids to provide product security.  Containers may be equipped with bases, legs or other attachments to facilitate handling, or they may be nested or stacked to save space.

11) Industrial scissor lift

A raising/lowering device that is supported or stabilized by one or more pantograph leg sections.

12) Gantry crane

A crane similar to an overhead crane except that the bridge for carrying the trolley or trolleys (with lifting device) is rigidly supported on two or more legs running on fixed rails or other runway.

13) General purpose pallet

A pallet that is designed and constructed for general use and is returnable. This pallet is generally double-decked in its construction.

14) GMA pallet

GMA-Grocery Manufacturers of America A pallet whose dimensions are  48"x40", is made of hardwood, and is forkliftable from all four sides.  Manufactured to GMA requirements.

15) Indentation type pressure gripping lifter

A lifter that clamps the load and supports it by indenting the load in areas in contact with the lifter.