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1) Robotic Storage Retrieval system (RSR)

A Robotic Storage Retrieval solution (RSR) storage and retrieval system consists of automated equipment that stores and retrieves products automatically to/from various styles of racking systems. The robotic retrieval system stores the product in a compact manner when compared to more traditional forms of storage. The automated equipment that stores and retrieves product can be in many forms/configurations and is typically under some type of computer direction. Heights for these systems can vary from low to in excess of 100+ feet.

2) Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) Industry Group

Protective Guarding Manufacturing Association member companies meet regularly to review, discuss, and revise the standards for design and performance of protective guarding products used in the material handling industry. ProGMA member companies are committed to the development, maintenance, and publishing of industry standard specifications for these systems.

3) Push Pull Equipment

Hydraulic fork lift truck attachment which can be used for palletless handling applications. The pushpull attachment needs to be used in combination with a slipsheets. Another attachment for palletless handling operations are special lift truck forks which contain two layers of rollers.

4) Pop-up rollers

Rollers which rise up between chain or roller conveyors to move the item off the conveyor to the desired location.

5) Push driver

A computer-controlled arm that can push items at a right angle from a conveyor line to the desired location.

6) Rake puller

A device in which tines pop up between conveyor rollers and pull the item accross the conveyor to the desired location.

7) People carrier

A small powered, 3 or 4 wheeled vehicle to carry people over short distances in an industrial setting.

8) Platform truck

Industrial truck with a platform rather than forks for supporting the load: it cannot lift, load or unload.

9) Rack Manufacturers Institute, Inc. (RMI) Industry Group

The Storage Manufacturers Association (SMA) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of industrial storage equipment. They supply storage solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector. Industrial storage equipment includes steel shelving, industrial work platforms (mezzanines), work and assembly stations, modular drawer equipment, clothing storage lockers, movable base storage equipment, storage containers and directly related equipment.

10) Project management

Project management is a combination of project evaluation and scheduling with the additon of project coordination and control.  Effective project managment takes into account cash flow and present worth, decision tree analysis, critical resource analysis and critical path scheduling.

11) Permits

Generally refers to licensed or certificates granted to construct or modify facilities by municipalities.  May also refer to permissions to move products by ground or via air granted by local, state and national transportation departments. Permissions may be necessary due to the type of product or its physical size.

12) Return on investment

A management tool that calculates the income of a material handling investment or project and divides this income by the cost of the assets devoted to the investment or project. A valuable tool when calculating the " economic justification " of a material handling investment.

13) Powered conveyor

Conveyor of any type that's movement is driven by motors and drives.  Power may be electrical or pneumatic.

14) Reliability

The measure of how well a material handling device or system will perform in a production situation.  Measure is based upon how well the device or system performs without interruption in service due to mechanical or control failure.

15) Reel racks

A storage rack configuration (one or more levels high) that is designed specifically to store reels of materials such as cable and cord.  The reels are "cradled" in the rack.