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1) AIAG Container

A container that meets the recommendations of AIAG/Automotive Industry Action Group for configuration/dimensions and load capacity.

2) AIAG Placard

Product or parts indentification signs placed on containers or pallets that meet the recommendations of AIAG, The Automotive Industry Action Group.

3) Attached lid container

Just as the term denotes, any material handling container (steel or plastic) that includes a lid that is attached to container and is an integral part of the design and function of the container.

4) Auto-lock clips

Spring-loaded clips on collapsible pallet containers that automatically lock hinged sidewalls and optional doors.

5) Barrel

A cylindrically shaped vessel or container generally made from plastic, wood, aluminum or steel.

6) Bearing plate base

A base of an industrial container with bearing plates and steel stacking legs.

7) Bin pallet

A four-sided superstructure that is mounted on a pallet base, with or without a cover.  Also known as a box or container bin pallet.

8) Bins

A box, frame, crib or enclosed container used to store or ship goods.

9) Bulk container

Bulk containers are heavy duty containers designed for bulk storage material handling.

10) Bulk storage

The process of housing or storing materials and packages in larger quantities, generally using the original packaging or shipping containers or boxes.

11) Carton

A corrugated cardboard container filled at the facility for handling (shipping).

12) Case

An unopened container, usually made of corrugated cardboard, containing merchandise as it was received from the vendor.

13) Chain conveyor

A form of powered conveyor used to transport heavy unit loads such as pallets and industrial containers. These conveyors can be single or double chain strand in configuration. This chain is not only the driving force but it is also the part which comes in direct contact with the load and provides friction which pulls the load forward. In some cases, free rollers on either side of or between the chain provide additional support to the load. Short sections of double strand chain conveyors are a common means of transferring loads at right angle to/from another straight section of roller conveyor.

14) Collapsible container

A container (metal or plastic) that may be disassembled or dismantled into separate pieces or folded in order to save storage space. These types of containers can be reassembled or unfolded for future use. A container whose sidewalls collapse.

15) Conductive container

Container that is permanently static dissipative.