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16) Non-folding container

A container with corners permanently helixed and is subject to the same specifications as "folding containers".

17) Knock down container

A container whose sidewalls collapse. See also Collapsible container .

18) Manually handled container

Containers designed to be handled by hand and not by machine.

19) Attached lid container

Just as the term denotes, any material handling container (steel or plastic) that includes a lid that is attached to container and is an integral part of the design and function of the container.

20) Stack only container

A container that possesses self-supporting and straight walls.  This feature means that the container walls are straight and can support the total weight of several stacked containers.  Stackability reduces the required floor or rack storage space for empty containers.

21) Container load capacity

Maximum content weight a container can safely hold.

22) Non-corrugated steel container

A metal container fabricated from  corrugated steel sheet and with the same characteristics as corrugated steel containers.

23) Container return ratio

Comparison of the number of collapsed containers that equal the height of one upright container.  The higher the ratio, the higher the savings with return shipments.

24) Four-way container

A container that is accessible from all four sides for storage and retrieval purposes.

25) Fixed-wall pallet container

Container that features an integrated pallet and has fixed side walls.

26) Corrugated plastic container

A plastic container with walls designed with two "faces" of plastic with ridges and grooves sandwiched between them. Such corrugation adds strength and stability to the walls of the container.

27) Straight wall container

A container made from plastic or metal whose walls are not corrugated but are indeed straight walls with no ridges or perforations.

28) Returnable plastic container

Refers to collapsible, hand-held plastic containers used mostly for produce handling in closed loop packaging systems.

29) Stack and nest container

A combination container that has both stacking and nesting features.  Can be stacked ands nested in 90 degree and 180 degree combination.

30) Welded wire container

A metal container fabricated from welded wire as a completed assembly for containment, with the possible addition of structural sections for additional strength and with optional hardware added for specific use and application.  There are three (3) basic types of welded wire containers: folding, non-folding, and rigid.