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16) Container

A receptacle (such as a box, enclosure) or a formed or flexible covering for the packing or shipment of articles, goods, or commodities. Containers may be constructed of plastic, welded wire, corrugated steel or aluminum. To obtain more information on the features and benefits on materials used to construct containers, please click below: Industrial Metal Containers and Wire Decking (IMC&WD) Reusable Container & Pallet Association (RCPA)

17) Containerization

The process of packing or shipping materials in containers.

18) Container load capacity

Maximum content weight a container can safely hold.

19) Container return ratio

Comparison of the number of collapsed containers that equal the height of one upright container.  The higher the ratio, the higher the savings with return shipments.

20) Container washing

Service to clean and maintain containers.

21) Corrugated plastic container

A plastic container with walls designed with two "faces" of plastic with ridges and grooves sandwiched between them. Such corrugation adds strength and stability to the walls of the container.

22) Corrugated steel container

A container fabricated from corrugated steel sheet as a completed assembly for containment, with the possible addition of structural sections for additional strength and with optional hardware added for specific use and application.

23) Crate

A box used to protect materials during shipping and storage. See also Container .

24) Cross stacking

The ability to inter-stack different heights and sizes of containers due to the rib design on the container base.

25) Demurrage

A term associated with the charge (monetary) that can be levied against a shipper or consignee who detains a container, truck, ship or railroad car beyond the allotted time for loading and unloading of that piece of transport equipment. Such a monetary "penalty" is used to offset the loss to the carrier as a result of the delay.  "Detention" is another work used for demurrage.

26) ESD container

Any container that is designed to dissipate electrostatic discharge via it's material composition or configuration.

27) Fixed-wall pallet container

Container that features an integrated pallet and has fixed side walls.

28) Folding container

A container, either metal or plastic, with sides, ends, and a base so constructed that it can be folded to a flat configuration.

29) Fork strap

Strap that links the fork openings on the base of a pallet container.  Fork straps can allow the use of a container on conveyors.

30) Four-way container

A container that is accessible from all four sides for storage and retrieval purposes.