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31) Returnable container labeling

The method used to mark/identify returnable/reusable container and pallets to insure that they return to the proper destination.  Can be as simple as stenciling or as sophisticated as barcoding.

32) Corrugated steel container

A container fabricated from corrugated steel sheet as a completed assembly for containment, with the possible addition of structural sections for additional strength and with optional hardware added for specific use and application.

33) Industrial metal container

An industrial metal container may be made of welded wire or corrugated steel.  Some are solid, others have perforations, and some are made of wire mesh.  They may have sliding or folding gates to provide access to contents or locking lids to provide product security.  Containers may be equipped with bases, legs or other attachments to facilitate handling, or they may be nested or stacked to save space.

34) Injection molded container

Plastic material is introduced in pellet form into a "hopper" positioned at the top of a machine and forcing it along a horizontal chamber or "barrel" of an extruder by means of the rotation of a screw.  The plastic material is heated as it moves through the barrel so when it reaches an open cavity, it is a molten mass ready to assume the configuration of the mold. The mold is closed and pressure is applied to form the container.  Once the pallet is cooled and taken from the mold, it can be further processed into secondary operations such as painting, trimming or fastening.

35) Reusable plastic container

Storage or transport vessels made of durable molded plastic.  Intended to be used more than once.

36) Shipping Container Code(SCC)

Achieved by adding a two digit code to the front of the standard UPC Code.

37) Reusable Container & Pallet Association (RCPA) Industry Group

The Reusable Container & Pallet Association (RCPA) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of the reusable/returnable industrial plastic containers, pallets and packaging. They supply solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

38) Stacking saddle or arch

An element of the leg of a container that engages the container wall below to ensure safe stacking.

39) Containerization

The process of packing or shipping materials in containers.

40) Plastic bin

Reusable container used for storing and shipping materials.

41) Carton

A corrugated cardboard container filled at the facility for handling (shipping).

42) UCS

Uniform Container Symbol...Designation for product identification which generally utilizes bar codes and is imprinted on the product container or packaging.

43) Cross stacking

The ability to inter-stack different heights and sizes of containers due to the rib design on the container base.

44) Fork strap

Strap that links the fork openings on the base of a pallet container.  Fork straps can allow the use of a container on conveyors.

45) Stacking interlock

Refers to the mechanism that locks containers when they are stacked on top of another container.  This feature allows safe and secure shipping load units.