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31) Four-way entry pallet

Openings on all four sides of a pallet or the base of a pallet or container, which allow fork truck handling from all four sides.

32) Four-way fork entry

Openings on all four sides of a pallet or the base of a pallet container, which allow fork truck handling.

33) Horizontal Carousels

As a storage device, a horizontal carousel consists of a fixed number of adjacent storage columns or bays that are mechanically linked to either an overhead or floor mounted drive mechanism to form a complete loop. Each column is divided into a fixed number of storage location or bins which in most applications are constructed of a welded wire frame. Loads consisting of containers or totes may be inserted and retrieved either manually or by an automatic inserter/extractor mechanism. However, rotation of the carousel, whereby a specific storage location is brought to the picking location, is almost always controlled automatically. See also Vertical Carousel , Vertical Lift Module , Rotary Rack , and/or AS/RS .

34) Identification solutions

Products such as placards, holders and nameplates that permanently or temporarily identify containers, racks, and pallets.

35) Industrial metal container

An industrial metal container may be made of welded wire or corrugated steel.  Some are solid, others have perforations, and some are made of wire mesh.  They may have sliding or folding gates to provide access to contents or locking lids to provide product security.  Containers may be equipped with bases, legs or other attachments to facilitate handling, or they may be nested or stacked to save space.

36) Injection molded container

Plastic material is introduced in pellet form into a "hopper" positioned at the top of a machine and forcing it along a horizontal chamber or "barrel" of an extruder by means of the rotation of a screw.  The plastic material is heated as it moves through the barrel so when it reaches an open cavity, it is a molten mass ready to assume the configuration of the mold. The mold is closed and pressure is applied to form the container.  Once the pallet is cooled and taken from the mold, it can be further processed into secondary operations such as painting, trimming or fastening.

37) Knock down container

A container whose sidewalls collapse. See also Collapsible container .

38) Label holder

The label holder acts as a label holding device that allows the user to label and relabel containers, racks and pallets.

39) Label identification system

The system employed in identifying products and containers by use of various types of labels/placards/holders.

40) Label placard

The label placard acts as a label holding device that allows the user to label and relabel containers, racks and pallets.

41) Leg

An element attached to the base of a container that provides handling clearance and safe stacking.

42) Lift

The maximum vertical distance through which the load hook can travel.  The total allowable hook movement between its upper limit of travel and its lower limit of travel. The term "Lift" or "Lifts" may also refer to lift tables, scissor lifts and personnel lifts. Lift tables are ergonomic devices utilized to raise, lower or tilt work loads such as pallets and containers. Lift tables are a scissors lift device used to raise, lower, stack, convey and/or transfer material between two or more elevations and not limited to landings. Such movement enables the worker to access the load at an acceptable level so as to not exert undue physical strain while working with the item(s). A scissors lift is a raising/lowering device that is supported or stabilized by one or more pantograph leg sections. Likewise, personnel lifts are used to raise and lower humans to appropriate working heights so that they may work at a safe reaching level and will have benefit of increased movement not afforded by a conventional ladder.

43) Lock

The latch mechanism on folding containers used with a U-shaped part called the staple to secure folding container walls and gates in a closed position.

44) Manually handled container

Containers designed to be handled by hand and not by machine.

45) Master pack

A large box that is used to pack a number of smaller boxes or containers.  Aids in protecting the smaller cartons or packages and reduces the number of cartons to be handled during the material handling process.