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46) Storage aisle

An access route to storage areas such as rack bays, slots for pallets, bins or containers.

47) Identification solutions

Products such as placards, holders and nameplates that permanently or temporarily identify containers, racks, and pallets.

48) Tracking software

Software programs developed specifically to enhance the "tracking" of returnable containers and pallets. 

49) Bearing plate base

A base of an industrial container with bearing plates and steel stacking legs.

50) Leg

An element attached to the base of a container that provides handling clearance and safe stacking.

51) Strip base

A base of an industrial metal container utilizing a combination stacking saddle and bearing plate.

52) Crate

A box used to protect materials during shipping and storage. See also Container .

53) Bins

A box, frame, crib or enclosed container used to store or ship goods.

54) Pouch placard system

An identification/labeling procedure that utilizes plastic or paper pouches to house or container any necessary paperwork that should accompany a container, pallet or box.

55) Lock

The latch mechanism on folding containers used with a U-shaped part called the staple to secure folding container walls and gates in a closed position.

56) Barrel

A cylindrically shaped vessel or container generally made from plastic, wood, aluminum or steel.

57) Bulk storage

The process of housing or storing materials and packages in larger quantities, generally using the original packaging or shipping containers or boxes.

58) Polypropylene plastic

A thermoplastic resin that is hard and tough and has increased optics.  Functions well in thermo-formed applications such as pallets and containers.

59) Bin pallet

A four-sided superstructure that is mounted on a pallet base, with or without a cover.  Also known as a box or container bin pallet.

60) Straddle crane

A crane that is configured to "straddle" a load and often is wheeled. Often used in lumber yards or to move large containers at sea ports.