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1) Stackable container

Hand-held container that can be stacked or nested when turned 180 degrees.

2) Stack only container

A container that possesses self-supporting and straight walls.  This feature means that the container walls are straight and can support the total weight of several stacked containers.  Stackability reduces the required floor or rack storage space for empty containers.

3) Straight wall container

A container made from plastic or metal whose walls are not corrugated but are indeed straight walls with no ridges or perforations.

4) Stack and nest container

A combination container that has both stacking and nesting features.  Can be stacked ands nested in 90 degree and 180 degree combination.

5) Shipping Container Code(SCC)

Achieved by adding a two digit code to the front of the standard UPC Code.

6) Stacking saddle or arch

An element of the leg of a container that engages the container wall below to ensure safe stacking.

7) UCS

Uniform Container Symbol...Designation for product identification which generally utilizes bar codes and is imprinted on the product container or packaging.

8) Stacking interlock

Refers to the mechanism that locks containers when they are stacked on top of another container.  This feature allows safe and secure shipping load units.

9) Storage aisle

An access route to storage areas such as rack bays, slots for pallets, bins or containers.

10) Tracking software

Software programs developed specifically to enhance the "tracking" of returnable containers and pallets. 

11) Strip base

A base of an industrial metal container utilizing a combination stacking saddle and bearing plate.

12) Straddle crane

A crane that is configured to "straddle" a load and often is wheeled. Often used in lumber yards or to move large containers at sea ports.

13) Tower crane

A crane designed to handle very large, heavy loads used at construction sites and for the loading and unloading of sea going containers.

14) Tilter

A device which mechanically angles a container towards the worker for easier loading and unloading of parts.

15) Tote

A container generally used for order-picking and shipping of items.  Usually small in size and easily moved by hand or other lifting devices and designed to be durable and reusable.