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1) Electrification and Controls Manufacturers Association (ECMA) Industry Group

Electrification and Controls Manufacturers Association (ECMA) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of electrification and controlling devices. They supply solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector.

2) Push driver

A computer-controlled arm that can push items at a right angle from a conveyor line to the desired location.

3) Walkie stacker

A power operated device controlled by an operator standing behind it, which lifts, stacks, and transports pallets.

4) Project management

Project management is a combination of project evaluation and scheduling with the additon of project coordination and control.  Effective project managment takes into account cash flow and present worth, decision tree analysis, critical resource analysis and critical path scheduling.

5) Reliability

The measure of how well a material handling device or system will perform in a production situation.  Measure is based upon how well the device or system performs without interruption in service due to mechanical or control failure.

6) Shop floor scheduling

A system that prioritizes and schedules work for the shop floor and communicates the progress of this work regarding the schedules and plans that have been made.  Shop floor planning is necessary to ensure that quantities that are expected to be completed on time are and also that the resources (labor, materials, machinery and equipment) are used to best effect in on-time delivery, inventory minimization and cost control.

7) Sensor

An electronic device designed to detect a specific phenomenon, such as the presence or absence of a physical object, and used to affect control over a designated process.

8) Wireless controls

Just as the name denotes, these controlling devices utilize laser, radio and infrared medium to a relay information to various types of material handling equipment.

9) Flow controller

Photo eye or similar device used to control materials discharge from upstream conveyor(s) under full line/choke conditions.

10) Landing gate

A gate to control personnel traffic at a landing.

11) Vertical creep

Extremely slow speed movement of a scissors lift that is the result of normal, internal leakage of fluid control valves.

12) Angular creep

Extremely slow speed movement of a tilter that is the result of normal, internal leakage of fluid control valves.

13) Automatic data capture

The technologies that support the identification and direct collection of data into a computer system or other micro-processor-controlled device without using a keyboard.  Such technologies include bar code, radio frequency data communication, radio frequency identification and other emerging technologies.

14) Manufacturing Resource Planning

A fully-integrated planning and control system, providing coordination and communication among finance, marketing, and production departments. Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) takes into account plans from these entities and assists management in developing a production plan, which must be adjusted on a daily or weekly basis to satisfy changes in demand. Initially MRP was a list of components needed to produce a specified quantity of items as well as when and how manufacturing intends to use these components.

15) Slip rings

An electro-mechanical device consisting of rings and sliding brushes that allow power, control or signals to pass from a stationary source to a rotating machine member.