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1) Conveyor & Sortation Systems (CSS) Industry Group

The Conveyor & Sortation Systems (CSS) members are the Industry’s leading providers of conveyors and sortation systems. They design, fabricate and install conveyor and sortation systems worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector. CSS prepares and distributes educational and promotional materials regarding the proper application and benefits of conveyor and sortation system solutions.

2) Pop-up rollers

Rollers which rise up between chain or roller conveyors to move the item off the conveyor to the desired location.

3) Push driver

A computer-controlled arm that can push items at a right angle from a conveyor line to the desired location.

4) Rake puller

A device in which tines pop up between conveyor rollers and pull the item accross the conveyor to the desired location.

5) Slat conveyor

A conveyor employing one or more endless chains to which non-overlapping, non-interlocking, spaced slats are attached.

6) Telescoping belt conveyor

A belt conveyor whose length can be varied by telscoping slides on the frame.

7) Tow line conveyor

A conveyor embedded in the floor which provides power to wheeled carriers moving along the floor.

8) Trolley conveyor

A series of trolleys with loads suspended from them, supported by an overhead track and connected by endless propelling medium such as chain or cable.

9) Deflector

A stationary or moveable angled arm which deflects product flow access across a belt or roller conveyor to the desired location.

10) Magnetic belt conveyor

A steel belt and either a magnetic slider bed or magnetic pulley is used to transport ferrous materials vertically, upside down, and around corners.

11) Automated dispenser

A series of vertical product dispensers which kick individual units of products out the bottom onto a conveyor.

12) Conveyor belt

A belt used to carry materials and transmit power required to move the load being conveyed.

13) Accumulation conveyor

Any conveyor designed to permit accumulation of packages, objects, or carriers.  May be roller, live roller, roller slat, belt, vibrating, power-and-free or tow conveyors.

14) Arm conveyor

A conveyor consisting of an endless belt, one or more chains, to which are attached projecting arms, or shelves, for handling packages or objects in a vertical or inclined path.

15) A-frame conveyor

A conveyor support frame with main members set on slopes suggesting the letter "A".