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1) Walkie stacker

A power operated device controlled by an operator standing behind it, which lifts, stacks, and transports pallets.

2) Four-way entry pallet

Openings on all four sides of a pallet or the base of a pallet or container, which allow fork truck handling from all four sides.

3) Identification solutions

Products such as placards, holders and nameplates that permanently or temporarily identify containers, racks, and pallets.

4) Read/Write Tag

Technology that allows for a identification tag to be programmed and revised while the tag is still on the container, rack or pallet.

5) Tracking software

Software programs developed specifically to enhance the "tracking" of returnable containers and pallets

6) Pouch placard system

An identification/labeling procedure that utilizes plastic or paper pouches to house or container any necessary paperwork that should accompany a container, pallet or box.

7) Returnable container labeling

The method used to mark/identify returnable/reusable container and pallets to insure that they return to the proper destination.  Can be as simple as stenciling or as sophisticated as barcoding.

8) Case pick

The selection of merchandise packaged in shippable cartons for orders from a pick location onto a transporting device (conveyor, cart, pallet).

9) Case pick from pallet

This is a selection activity performed within a specific type of storage area (often pallet rack).  Merchandise movement into these locations is in pallet load quantities from receiving or reserve storage locations.  Merchandise movement out of these locations is in case quantities.

10) Picker pallet

A pallet used in distribution operations wherein the center stringer or block is grabbed by a center clamp to steady the pallet enabling goods to be stacked on it at an elevated height.

11) Deflection

The amount of deformation or bending in a pallet or pallet component under load.

12) Fork entry

The opening between decks of a pallet, beneath the top deck or beneath the stringer notch, to admit forks.

13) Rental pallet

A pallet owned by a third party, different from the actual user.

14) Returnable/reusable pallet

A pallet designed to be used for more than one trip.

15) Blow molded pallet

A pallet manufactured by heating a plastic material and extruding it into tubing.  A section is cut to the desired length to create a parison which is then introduced into a mold cavity.  Air is introduced into the parison to inflate the parison until it conforms to the geometry of the mold.  When the part is fully formed and cooled, it is released from the mold for secondary operations such as machining and trimming.