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16) Reversible pallet

A pallet designed and constructed to use both the top and bottom deckboards as load bearing members.  This pallet has identical top and bottom decks.

17) Picker pallet

A pallet used in distribution operations wherein the center stringer or block is grabbed by a center clamp to steady the pallet enabling goods to be stacked on it at an elevated height.

18) Pallet pattern

The  layer- by- layer arrangement or pattern of boxes/cartons as they are placed on a pallet.

19) Pallet dimensions

Measurement points to determine a pallet's dimensions: Length=distance between pallet ends (inclusive of overhang) and parallel to the stringer(s). Width=distance between pallet sides at right angles to the pallet length inclusive of any overhang Height=distance from the outer edges of the bottom deckboards to the outer edges of the top deckboard. Pallet dimensions are generally shown in inches.

20) Pallet truck

A manually powered fork truck. The operator physically pushes the forks into the opening on the pallet and "jacks" the racheting lift mechanism so as to raise the pallet off the floor. Once lifted, the load can be manually moved from place to place.

21) Exchange pallet

Refers to a pallet that is used by several shippers whose ownership is transferred when the ownership of the unit load is transferred.

22) Flush pallet

A pallet constructed in such a manner that there are no overhangs and the decks, both top and bottom, fit "flush" with the stringers on all sides.

23) Nonreversible pallet

A pallet designed and constructed to utilize only the top deckbaord and does not incorporate a bottom deckboard.

24) Pallet performance

The performance of a pallet as expressed in terms of durability, stability (lateral), degree of stiffness or rigidity, and strength.

25) Captive pallet

A pallet which is designed and dedicated to a given process, system or location/facility.  Not intended to be exchanged.

26) Pallet racks

A single or multi-level structural storage system that is utilized to support high stacking of single items or palletized loads.

27) Euro-pallet

The standard pallet in Europe. It is 1200 mm by 800 mm in dimension and has a wood block design between the top and bottom permitting four-way or four-sided entrance by lifting forks. Although other sizes exist in Europe, they are not nearly as prominent as the Euro-pallet.

28) AIAG Pallet

A pallet that meets meets the recommendations of the AIAG, Automotive Industry Action Group.  Recommendations concern size, dimensions, fork entry capability and load capacity.

29) GMA pallet

GMA-Grocery Manufacturers of America A pallet whose dimensions are  48"x40", is made of hardwood, and is forkliftable from all four sides.  Manufactured to GMA requirements.

30) Thermoformed pallet

Thermoforming takes place when a thick plastic sheet is clamped onto a frame and heated, then this softened, pliable sheet is forced by either pressure or vacuum to adapt to the shape of a pallet tool.  Once the sheet has formed to the configuration of the tool and it has cooled down, it is removed from the frame.  The outer perimeter of the pallet is trimmed off to yield the finished part. Twin-sheet thermoforming is a variation of this process whereby two separate sheets of plastic are heated in two separate sets of tooling and then fused together under pressure to yield a pallet with a hollow section or sections.