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31) Plastic pallet

A device used for moving and storing freight.  It is used as a base for assembling, storing, stacking, handling, and transporting goods as a unit load.  Commonly, it is about four feet square and is so constructed to facilitate the placement of a lift truck's forks between the levels of a platform so it may be moved easily.

32) Pallet lifter

A below-the-hook lifting device that utilizes forks in its design and serves to take the role of forklift forks while utilizing the capabilities of a crane and/or hoist.  Generally, counterweighted at its top and attached via a bail and hook arrangement.

33) Detachable frame pallet

A pallet that features a frame or superstructure that is removable.

34) Solid side pallet

A pallet constructed such that the stringer sides are not notched.

35) Type I pallet

Single-faced, non-reversible pallet.

36) Four way block pallet

A pallet which, by its design and construction, is accessible to a pallet jack from all four sides; a full four-way entry pallet.

37) Type III pallet

Double-faced, flush-stringer or block, reversible pallet.

38) Multiple trip pallet

A pallet designed and built for use in multiple trips and transports.

39) Solid deck pallet

A pallet constructed with no spacing along the deck(s).

40) Type IV pallet

Double-faced, single-wing, non-reversible pallet.

41) Type V pallet

Single-faced, single-wing, non-reversible pallet.

42) Type VI pallet

Double-faced, double-wing, reversible pallet.

43) Single deck pallet

A pallet possessing one load bearing deck.

44) Double deck pallet

A pallet constructed of both a top and bottom deck or deckboards.

45) Returnable/reusable pallet

A pallet designed to be used for more than one trip.