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76) Storage aisle

An access route to storage areas such as rack bays, slots for pallets, bins or containers.

77) Tie

Term used to describe a layer of product positioned in a unit load or on a pallet.

78) Identification solutions

Products such as placards, holders and nameplates that permanently or temporarily identify containers, racks, and pallets.

79) Single deep rack

The simplest of all racking systems. This rack is selective and accommodates only a single pallet.

80) Tracking software

Software programs developed specifically to enhance the "tracking" of returnable containers and pallets

81) Underhang

Refers to the less than complete utilization of the full pallet area and is generally the amount of space between the outer edge of the cartons or packages and the edges of the pallet.

82) Rack

A single or multi-level structural storage system that is utilized to support high stacking of single items or palletized loads

83) Stringer

The support beams of a pallet which generally are placed at right angles to the deckboards and designated as edge stringers or center stringers.

84) Tie down

A means by which a unit load is secured to a pallet, usually by means of stretch wrapping, shrink wrapping or strapping.

85) Tier

Generally refers to one layer of a unitized pallet load.  Also, may refer to layers of storage which are of the same height.

86) Polypropylene plastic

A thermoplastic resin that is hard and tough and has increased optics.  Functions well in thermo-formed applications such as pallets and containers.

87) Stacking frames

Portable storage aids for attachment to pallets to enable stacking of unstable items two three or more units high.

88) Read/Write Tag

Technology that allows for a identification tag to be programmed and revised while the tag is still on the container, rack or pallet.

89) Label placard

The label placard acts as a label holding device that allows the user to label and relabel containers, racks and pallets.

90) Skid

A pallet that does not utilize a bottom deck.  Generally supports the top deck by means of blocks and stringers.