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1) Slave pallet

A pallet used in an automated rack system.

2) Stacking pallet

A pallet constructed in such a manner as to allow one pallet complete with load to be placed on another without damage to the lower unit load.  This is generally achieved by utilizing a superstructure within the pallet.

3) Thermoformed pallet

Thermoforming takes place when a thick plastic sheet is clamped onto a frame and heated, then this softened, pliable sheet is forced by either pressure or vacuum to adapt to the shape of a pallet tool.  Once the sheet has formed to the configuration of the tool and it has cooled down, it is removed from the frame.  The outer perimeter of the pallet is trimmed off to yield the finished part. Twin-sheet thermoforming is a variation of this process whereby two separate sheets of plastic are heated in two separate sets of tooling and then fused together under pressure to yield a pallet with a hollow section or sections.

4) Solid side pallet

A pallet constructed such that the stringer sides are not notched.

5) Type I pallet

Single-faced, non-reversible pallet.

6) Type III pallet

Double-faced, flush-stringer or block, reversible pallet.

7) Solid deck pallet

A pallet constructed with no spacing along the deck(s).

8) Type IV pallet

Double-faced, single-wing, non-reversible pallet.

9) Type V pallet

Single-faced, single-wing, non-reversible pallet.

10) Type VI pallet

Double-faced, double-wing, reversible pallet.

11) Single deck pallet

A pallet possessing one load bearing deck.

12) Type II pallet

Double-faced, flush-stringer or block, non-reversible pallet.

13) Two-way pallet

A pallet constructed with stringers that do not have notches, so that fork tines can be inserted only from the two open ends.

14) Structural foam molded pallet

Structural foam molding is a variation of the injection molded process whereby a compounded plastic material is introduced into an extruder in pellet form, heated to a molten state, and then formed by means of a rotating screw into one or more mold cavities.  The material adopts the configuration of the mold, and once cooled, it is injected as a fully formed pallet. With structural foam molding, a blowing agent is introduced to and mixed thoroughly through the plastic prior to its injection into the mold cavities.  The heating process activates the blowing agent and creates a cellular structure within the molten material. This cellular structure not only saves on raw material requirement, but it produces a part with an elevated strength-to-weight ratio.

15) Stringer board

A component of a pallet that is a solid board placed between the deckboard and the block and extending the full length of a block pallet.