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16) Pouch placard system

An identification/labeling procedure that utilizes plastic or paper pouches to house or container any necessary paperwork that should accompany a container, pallet or box.

17) Lumbar Motion Monitor

An electronic device that is usually attached to the lumbar (lower back) portion of a worker's body and "records/reads" the types, frequency and amount of exertion on that worker's lumbar. An ergonomic tool to assist in preventing lower back injuries.

18) Bar code

Utilizes a system of printed bars that are able to be scanned and enables the user to identify a part or parcel.  Used in conjunction with a laser scanner and serves to increase accuracy and speed of product identification.

19) Maintenance diagnostics

A process by which the frequency, amount and cost of maintenance to buildings and machines is evaluated on an on-going basis.  Such a process ensures that the buildings and machines at a facility are being maintained at the correct levels in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Software programs designed specifically for this purpose are available.

20) Supply Chain Execution Systems & Technologies (SCE) Industry Group

The Supply Chain Execution Systems & Technologies Group members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of Supply Chain Execution software, hardware and services. They supply solutions worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector. Supply chain execution solutions streamline the tracking and flow of inventory and information from the original source through consumption. Solutions include automatic identification hardware and software as well as software solutions including manufacturing execution, logistics execution, order management, warehouse management, inventory management, transportation management, enterprise resource planning, and workforce management.