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1) Bombadier sorter

A device in which items are dropped down through swinging doors to a desired location.

2) Cross belt sorter conveyor

Another form of the tray sorter is where the tray is replaced by a short belt conveyor section with its direction of travel orientated perpendicular to the line of travel of the main train. At the proper moment the belt stepper motor is energized propelling its load to either side and the desired takeaway lane. See also Tray sorter .

3) Conveyor & Sortation Systems (CSS) Industry Group

The Conveyor & Sortation Systems (CSS) members are the Industry’s leading providers of conveyors and sortation systems. They design, fabricate and install conveyor and sortation systems worldwide and in virtually every major manufacturing and distribution sector. CSS prepares and distributes educational and promotional materials regarding the proper application and benefits of conveyor and sortation system solutions.

4) Batch pick

The combining of a group of order requirements by SKU into a single picking activity to optimize productivity by allowing one picker to select all the ordered merchandise within a predetermined group with one trip through the pick path.  Batch picking requires subsequent mechanical or manual sorting of the merchandise to reestablish order integrity before shipping.