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1) Unitizer

Any type of equipment which aggregates several items into a single unit load.

2) Unit load picking

The act of removing unit loads from stock or storage.

3) Unit Load AGV

A unit load AGV is a powered, wheel based transport vehicle that carries a discrete load, such as an individual item (e.g. a large roll of paper, coil of steel or automobile engine) or items contained on a pallet or in a tote or similar temporary storage medium. AGVs operate under computer control without the need for human operators or drivers. See also AGVS .

4) Unit Load AS/RS

Machines that store large loads (usually 1,000+ pounds), typically on pallets with storage rack structure, reaching 100 feet or more tall.

5) Shelving service aisle

The area in front of a unit or row of units required to service (pick or place stock into or out of the shelving unit.

6) Shelving side panel

A sheet steel panel attaches to the front and rear post to enclose the side of the unit, or as a partition between units placed side by side.

7) Tie

Term used to describe a layer of product positioned in a unit load or on a pallet.

8) Shelf opening

The basic shelving compartment formed between two shelves within a unit of shelving.

9) Stretchwrapping

Unitizing a load by stretching and wrapping a plastic sheet tightly over the load.

10) Tie down

A means by which a unit load is secured to a pallet, usually by means of stretch wrapping, shrink wrapping or strapping.

11) Stacking frames

Portable storage aids for attachment to pallets to enable stacking of unstable items two three or more units high.

12) Single row single face shelving

One generally continuous row of units joined together and side to side to be serviced from one service aisle.

13) Stacking interlock

Refers to the mechanism that locks containers when they are stacked on top of another container.  This feature allows safe and secure shipping load units.

14) Single deep selective rack

Rack structure which allows loads to be stored one unit deep on either side of an aisle.

15) Storage

The process or act of positioning and placing items (cartons, packages, pallet unit loads, etc.) in area set aside for holding these items or staging these items for shipment.