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1) Honeycombing

1. The practice of removing merchandise in pallet load quantities where the space is not exhausted in an orderly fashion. This results in inefficiencies due to the fact that the received merchandise may not be efficiently stored in the space which is created by the honey-combing. 2. The storing or withdrawal or supplies in a manner that results in vacant space that is not usable for storage of other items. 3.  Creation of unoccupied space resulting from withdrawal of unit loads.  This is one of the major hidden costs of warehousing.

2) High rise shelving

Units in excess of 10'3" high and serviced by rolling ladders or mechanical non-entry stock pickers.  Normally tied together across the top over aisles.

3) Hoists

A suspended machinery unit that is used for lifting or lowering a freely suspended (unguided) load.  May be manually operated or electrically or pneumatically driven and may use chain or wire rope as its lifting medium.