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31) Shelving post system

The vertical upright member that supports the horizontal shelf.  Posts are manufactured in a variety of configurations.

32) Automated dispenser

A series of vertical product dispensers which kick individual units of products out the bottom onto a conveyor.

33) Poternoster

A type of vertical conveyor that provides for continuous operation of multiple, equally spaced, load-carrying units fixed to chains that move continuously in an endless loop. With such a system the loading and unloading, usually automatic, occurs while the conveyor is running, resulting in greater throughput and an even flow of loads. This type of vertical conveyor is common in Europe

34) Conveyor

A horizontal, inclined, or vertical device for moving or transporting bulk material, packages, or objects in a path predetermined by the design of the device, and having points of loading and discharge, fixed or selective.

35) Arm conveyor

A conveyor consisting of an endless belt, one or more chains, to which are attached projecting arms, or shelves, for handling packages or objects in a vertical or inclined path.

36) Magnetic belt conveyor

A steel belt and either a magnetic slider bed or magnetic pulley is used to transport ferrous materials vertically, upside down, and around corners.

37) Bin storage

May be considered a special case of shelving. The horizontal opening would typically be much narrower than that found in shelving and would have a vertical restraining member across the lower face of the bin opening.

38) Gondola shelving

A floor mounted shelving system utilizing cantilevered shelves extending from one or both sides of a rigid vertical back. This form of shelving is common in retail establishments due to its ease of movement and reconfiguration.

39) Truss girder crane

An overhead traveling crane designed with structurally reinforced bridge girders to allow greater span and loading capabilities.  The reinforcement consists of utilization of trusses extended vertically and horizontally from the load bearing beam(s) of the crane bridge.

40) Compression molded pallet

Plastic material is placed in an open mold, which is then closed.  Pressure is applied as the mold halves come together (usually in a vertical configuration), forcing the plastic material to flow and fill the cavity.

41) Nets

A basic form of below-the-hook lifting attachment which is suspended from a hoist or other lifting mechanism and simply wraps around the object to be moved and lifts it totally. Mesh netting is also used for securing loads to pallets.

42) Strap hoist

A lever operated manual device, utilizing polyester or nylon straps as the lifting medium, used to lift, lower, or pull a load and to apply or release tension.

43) Interlock

A device to prevent lift movement when the landing gate is not fully closed and to prevent the landing gate from being opened unless the lift platform is present at that landing.

44) Column mounted jib crane

Also referred to as a "pillar-supported" jib crane.  The jib is attached to a self-supporting floor mounted or floor to ceiling mounted mast.  A column mounted jib crane may also be supported vertically by a structural column of the building structure itself.

45) Hoists

A suspended machinery unit that is used for lifting or lowering a freely suspended (unguided) load.  May be manually operated or electrically or pneumatically driven and may use chain or wire rope as its lifting medium.