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Casters & Ergonomics Resources

The following references and tools can be used in determining healthy ranges for spinal push and pull forces for task execution and improving ergonomic efficiency. For more information on selecting the right caster and/or wheel to aid in increasing and improving ergonomic efficiency, please download our Casters, Wheels and Accessories Guide 101 or access the interactive guide. For more information directly from Casters and Wheels industry experts, you can contact the Members of the Institute of Caster and Wheel Manufacturers.

Ergonomics Tool and Resources

The following resources have been shared with the permission of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and The Spine Research Institute of The Ohio State University.

Assessing Tasks that Involve Pushing & Pulling

These occupational pushing and pulling guidelines aim to reduce the frequency of back injuries in the workplace. Guidelines were developed from a partnership between the Spine Research Institute and the Ohio BWC.

BWC/OSU Push/Pull Guidelines*

*Guidelines developed by The Ohio State University with a research grant from BWC.

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