Automated Maintenance Stockroom Increases Manufacturing Up Time

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Increased productivity on the manufacturing floor coupled with the large investment required in production line automation has made the maintenance stockroom a critical part of the manufacturing process. Implementing dynamic storage systems from Kardex Remstar in the maintenance and repair stockroom can improve manufacturing uptime.

As manufacturers are using more and more automation to increase manufacturing productivity, having the parts in stock to service and maintain the production line directly impacts the bottom line. Losing days, hours, and even minutes in a high speed automated manufacturing line can cost thousands to a manufacturer.
Every minute the assembly line is down is a minute of productivity that cannot be recovered. To prevent this, manufacturers are implementing automated storage and retrieval systems in the maintenance stockroom as an insurance policy. The use of automated storage systems such as horizontal carousels, vertical carousels and vertical lift modules ensures repair parts are onsite and easy to find; reducing the downtime of the assembly line.

The use of dynamic storage systems in maintenance stockrooms can provide the inventory control that manufacturers are demanding today. With a click of a button the automated storage unit presents the maintenance part to the operator for picking. With the use of Power Pick Global inventory management software all   transactions are recorded and inventory is tracked in real time. Power Pick Global inventory management software can also provide reorder reports to ensure parts are always in stock and execute FIFO picking. This gives manufacturers the ability to plan downtimes for service and maintenance and reduce the length of unplanned downtimes.

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