Maximize Capacity, Minimize Footprint

CECOR’s material-handling carts are designed smarter and more efficiently

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

CECOR® understands that floor space can be limited in any manufacturing or industrial space as well as the punishing conditions equipment is subjected to. Not to mention that CECOR understands the importance of controlling costs while increasing the bottom line. That’s why their carts are designed better to hold up in the most rugged conditions to last longer and maximize its customers’ returns on investment.
CECOR carts are designed smarter to make better use of the cube so they take up less floor space. Our carts can hold the same cubic yard of materials as other carts in the industry, but our carts are more efficiently designed to fit better, tighter and more easily under and around machine tools and other plant equipment. CECOR carts maximize capacity while minimizing footprint!
Regardless of profile and purpose, all CECOR carts are made of heavy-gauge steel with fully-welded seams that don’t leak, melt, split, burn or bulge. In fact, a CECOR cart was recently for sale on eBay dating back to the ‘70s – customer wrote, "Rolls great. Very good condition -- no rust ever..." Whether used for material handling, collecting, hauling, sorting, segregating, storing, dumping or transporting, all CECOR carts are durable with quality workmanship at affordable prices. Mounted on strategically placed industrial casters for balanced loads, CECOR carts have conveniently placed handles, roll smoothly and are maneuverable by one person, even when fully loaded.
Industrial carts are called all different things depending on purpose -- low-profile, self-dumping hoppers, stock picking & putaway, cube trucks, tilt trucks, bulk containers and more. Call it what you want, CECOR has a cart for every type of job. No limit to purpose or industry. Whether a customer needs small, medium or large capacity…low-profile to easily fit under machine tools (lowest in the industry)…narrow footprint to fit in tight spots…low lips or sides for easy loading, CECOR is your one-stop shop for your industrial cart fleet. Choose from combinations of profiles, capacities, load ratings, bin dimensions, lip heights, dumping methods and options. Not to mention there are various options available such as drain plugs, hinged drain screens, different wheel types and other colors to further enhance the purpose of its carts.
There are many configurations from which to choose. Capacities range from 4.9 – 27 cubic feet with load ratings ranging from 500 – 1,500 lbs. Dumping methods include rotational, hydraulic and manual/tilt. CECOR (Booth #4753) is excited to exhibit at ProMat 2015 to demonstrate its patented dumping frame for easy, safe elevated dumping of fully loaded carts.
In addition to CECOR’s smart design and quality workmanship, protect your workforce. Eliminate repetitive bending and dragging of heavy loads. Reduce mess in the work area. Safely and easily push, pull or maneuver heavy loads up to 1,500 lbs.
Quality, durable construction, depth of experience, unique dumping design, variety and relevance make CECOR carts the choice of many manufacturing plants.
Founded in 1955, CECOR designs and manufactures sump cleaners and industrial carts and containers, as well as offers a full line of parts and accessories to support its products. Celebrating its 60th year, all CECOR products are proudly designed and built
in the U.S. at its facility in Verona, Wisconsin. CECOR products have global relevance and customer reach. All CECOR products are durable, featuring quality workmanship at affordable prices with friendly, knowledgeable sales and technical support. 
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Rose Peterson, Marketing Manager

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