Caster Concepts to debut innovative, patented ergonomic product line at ProMat in Chicago, taking aim at workplace injuries costing employers billions

Michigan manufacturer to host a press conference at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, March 24 showcasing ergonomic products. Visit booth #5244.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Caster Concepts Inc. (, a leading manufacturer of heavy duty industrial casters and wheels, will unveil its complete line of ergonomic products designed to reduce 
the leading cause of workplace injuries at ProMat 2015 March 23-26 in Chicago.
Visitors to the Caster Concepts ProMat booth (#5244) will be able to test the company’s innovative line of premier caster wheels, rigs and polyurethane tread that significantly reduce exertion and the risk of injuries from over-exertion such as pushing and pulling.  Over-exertion is the leading cause of workplace injuries in the United States, costing businesses more than $15 billion. The Caster Concepts’ product line also features a noise reduction caster, which targets the second leading cause of employee illness in the U.S. – hearing loss. 
“Our clients can move materials efficiently and effectively without fear of injury, which makes employees more effective and productive.” said Dr. William Dobbins, president and CEO of Caster Concepts, and a physician.  “Spending 25 years in family practice with a special interest in Occupational Medicine, I understand the importance of minimizing injuries to workers. When companies are looking for productivity it’s important that they work smarter rather than harder. Generally, harder work leads to increase in the injury rate and increased costs to the company.”  
Here’s a look at the Caster Concepts ergonomic and health and safety line of products slated for ProMat:  
  • ErgoMaxx: The newest edition to the Caster Concepts ergonomic line, ErgoMaxx is a rig designed to reduce the amount of push-force required to turn or start rolling when all the wheels are not parallel. The maintenance-free ErgoMaxx will reduce shoulder and back injuries. 
  • TWERGO: This is a multi-wheel-in-one caster wheel, with a patented face design that reduces energy exerted to start, turn and continue rolling. Twergo comes with twin or triple wheels that rotate separately, reducing friction when turning, resulting in less force exerted to turn.  When tested against conventional caster wheels, TWERGO achieves 25 percent average reduction in initial push force needed to start moving a cart.”
  • TWERGO Lite: TWERGO Lite is the ultimate two-inch wide caster. It achieves an average of 25 percent reduction in initial push force on loads totaling 2600 pounds or less. It takes advantage of the patented face design that our TWERGO wheel offers, but does not have the dual wheel friction reducing capabilities or weight capacity of TWERGO. TWERGO Lite is designed to replace the standard two-inch wide caster and add ergonomic benefits while staying competitively priced. 
  • ErgoTread: This uniquely designed polyurethane tread that returns energy, resulting in less force exerted to begin and continue rolling.  This custom formulation also achieves a high resistance to debris, reduces noise and won’t damage most flooring.
  • CasterShox: CasterShox casters were created with a patented shock-absorbing technology. Its innovative design integrates the company’s patented SHOX absorption system. The design muffles roughly 70 percent of cart noise. This caster also dissipates shock at the source, reducing impact. 
At ProMat, Caster Concepts (booth 5244) will also feature its state-of-the-art online Caster Configurator search and design tool. The configurator, now online at, is a free and easy-to-use, menu driven configuration engine, that allows users to select an existing caster or design a custom caster for a specific need. The configurator generates a downloadable 2D/3D CAD model that can be viewed in any browser, with detailed specifications included. 
Caster Concepts, which specializes in developing and manufacturing custom casters, vows to be able to manufacture just about any caster, whether one or 1000. 
“The needs of our clients require a specialized approach, not a one-size fits solution. We invested in specialized equipment and software that allows our team to design customized wheels and casters and to produce them quickly,” Dobbins said.  
Caster Concepts will host a press conference at its booth #5244 at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, March 24 to highlight its ergonomic product line. Also, visit the booth to test drive the Caster Configurator and receive a model of your custom design. 
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