Kardex Remstar Improves the Patient Experience

Friday, April 24, 2015

Healthcare facilities can become overwhelmed as patient files stack up and supply stockrooms overflow. Attention shifts away from the patient as hospital staff focuses on finding supplies. Caregivers get distracted,  supplies get misplaced and inventory control is skewed. Dynamic storage and retrieval systems from Kardex Remstar can improve organization of stored goods and increase productivity which, in turn, improves overall patient care.
A Megamat RS Vertical Carousel or Lektriever Vertical Carousel from Kardex Remstar both work on the same principle. Carriers mounted to an oval track rotate vertically, similar to a ferris wheel, and deliver stored items to an operator at an ergonomic height. These units are ideal in supply stockrooms, providing maximum storage capacity in a small footprint and inventory control. Further, Power Pick Global inventory management integration can ensure minimum stock levels are maintained to prevent supply shortages and keep record of which supplies were sent to which floor for accounting purposes.
The Lektriever vertical carousel is designed for patient file management. One Lektriever vertical carousel provides the capacity of sixteen  standard 4-drawer filing cabinets in a fraction of the space. The Lektreiver vertical carousel not only saves space but keeps files secure. In addition, Power Pick Global inventory management software manages every transaction, providing a report of which user accessed  which patient record, improving security and maintaining patient confidentiality.
Operating on the “goods to person” principle, boith units deliver stored items directly to the operator at an ergonomic height, also known as the “golden zone” which is the area between the knees and shoulders. This eliminates the time spent searching for a specific item in a supply stockroom or a particular patient file. All items are stored securely within the vertical carousel, increasing productivity. This time previously wasted can now be focused on providing exceptional patient care.
Patient care starts when the patient walks through the door. Being prepared with a patient record, required forms and necessary supplies saves both the patient and the caregiver time, improving the overall experience. Dynamic storage and retrieval systems from Kardex Remstar keep stored items right at your fingertips which allows for more time to be spent in the exam room, reducing wait time and providing patients with the best care possible.
Kardex Remstar, LLC, a company of the Kardex Group is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, offices and institutions. For information about our dynamic storage solutions, call 800-639-5805 or visit www.kardexremstar.com.
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