PSI Engineering Awarded Patent for Order Sorting System to optimize eCommerce Order Fulfillment

Ideal Cost Saving Solution for Apparel Industry

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mississauga, ON, Thursday June 23, 2016 – PSI Engineering, an industry leader in high speed material handling automation and packing station automation systems geared to the fulfillment operations for manufacturing, distribution centers, 3PL, packaging and e-Commerce was awarded a patent for their Order Sorting System called Rapid Sort-N-Pack.  
PSI’s Rapid Sort-N-Pack system with PSI’s FICs control software identifies single and multi-item orders in the totes and aggregates them with related documents utilizing a unique algorithm specifically designed to reduce order sorting and packing at the post pick stage of the order fulfillment process.  This patented process applies to many products however it is particularly beneficial for order fulfillment in the apparel industry.  
“Typically the picked orders are delivered unsorted and are manually sorted and packaged with a packing slip, return label and marketing collateral.”  Explains John Panunto, President of PSI Engineering.   “The Rapid Sort-N-Pack system automatically sorts the orders and prints on-demand the packing slip and/or return label; delivers it to the operator with marketing collateral for packaging in bags or cartons and conveyed directly to shipping.”
“By eliminating several steps during order sorting…” States Tom Napier, Senior Account Manager, Automation Division, “…the order cycle time is reduced significantly and more orders can be processed and shipped daily.”
Rapid Sort-N-Pak provides mid-sized to large e-Commerce companies a cost effective solution to significantly improve goods-to-person order fulfillment and increase profit per order.   
About PSI FICs
FICS is a fulfillment integration and control software that synchronizes PSI’s Fulfillment automation systems to complete the product to customer phase of order fulfillment.  FICS is a scalable solution from manual to highly automated distribution centers and offers multiple components including; an order management system, print management system, complete & On-time delivery reports, automation equipment activity report, order verification, multiple device support and more. 
About PSI Engineering
PSI Engineering integrates and automates the packaging of orders within customer’s distribution Center Network by using patented equipment solutions and PSI designed software technology.  PSI Engineering’s high speed material handling and production laser printing systems reduce hidden operation costs while increasing order throughput often with a one year payback.  PSI provides cost effective IT Fulfillment solutions for the e-commerce, direct mail, manufacturing, distribution, packaging and order fulfillment industries.
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