Randall Manufacturing’s Insulated Pallet Covers Protect Holiday Poinsettias and Reduce Carbon Footprint

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

ELMHURST, ILLINOIS – December 21, 2016 – Randall Manufacturing recently custom manufactured insulated pallet covers for the transport of over 10,000 holiday Poinsettias for Koehler & Dramm.
Koehler & Dramm is a wholesale floral distributor serving Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and North and South Dakota. In these areas where temperatures can drop below zero during transit, Koehler & Dramm was seeking an eco-friendly, insulated packaging solution to protect against temperature-induced product loss.
Randall Manufacturing provided customized insulated pallet covers to fit snuggly over the Poinsettia shipping cart. The use of industrial Velcro® along the four sides allowed for the cover to be adjusted to cart dimensions and form a tight seal ensuring minimal temperature fluctuations. The insulated pallet covers have benefitted Koehler & Dramm’s operations in many ways including:
• Greater profitability with zero product loss, to date.
• Decreased carbon footprint and landfill waste by reusing insulated pallet covers each season.
• Less labor intensive packaging, increased employee productivity.
The customer expressed its great satisfaction with the quality of Randall Manufacturing’s insulated pallet covers, the ease of use and the effective temperature control.
Kristine Grudis, warehouse sales manager, Randall Manufacturing said, “This was a hugely rewarding project. Working with Koehler & Dramm to create a zero-loss effort with the shipment of their Poinsettias and create an eco-friendly, reusable insulated pallet cover has demonstrated Randall’s ability to work with customers to individually meet their challenges with effective solutions.”
For more information on Koehler & Dramm’s Poinsettia application, visit Randall’s blog - bit.ly/2i0THdJ
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