Master Magnetics Provides Complete Range of Manufacturing Magnetic Solutions at ProMat 2019

Monday, April 8, 2019

Castle Rock, Colo., March 29, 2019 - Master Magnetics (The Magnet Source®) will feature its effective magnetic solutions for material handling, workholding, cleanup and safety for manufacturing professionals at ProMat 2019, Booth #S1914.
Special for ProMat attendees, Master Magnetics is pleased to offer 15 percent off all orders of its Magnetic Retrieving Batons and Magnetic Sweepers. Orders may be placed at the 2019 show, or by calling Master Magnetics through April 26, 2019.
Designed to assist with clean-up, Magnetic Retrieving Batons are innovative, powerful tools for removing fine metallic filings, turnings or shavings (also known as swarf) created by cutting tools and machinery from wet or dry environments.
The batons have a non-corrosive, stainless steel housing and are:
  • Ideal for removing swarf and metal turnings from around drill tables and saws
  • Designed to work in wet or dry environments
  • Constructed with neodymium, or rare earth magnets, to maximize holding power
The unique shape allows for easy pickup near walls, corners, and many other hard-to-reach places.
Shop Safety Solutions
Magnetic sweepers come in a variety of shapes and styles, but all allow for faster, safer clean-up of debris. The super-powered permanent magnet assemblies—ranging from 12 to 96 inches in width—are perfect for the fast and efficient removal of potentially damaging scrap metal debris.
The sweepers are ideally designed for a variety of environments, including: warehouses, loading docks, parking areas, runways, workshops and other high traffic areas.
To view a video of magnetic sweepers in use and for more information on all Master Magnetics’ push, hang or trailer-type magnetic sweepers, visit
Lifting Magnets
Heavy-Duty Neodymium Lifting Magnets provide extraordinary strength in a compact size, ensuring safety and speed for lifting heavy loads. Designed to lift both flat and round ferrous metal items, they are ideal for handling steel plates and similar items in machine shops, warehouses and industrial processing plants.
Lifting Magnets are permanently magnetized, and do not require electricity to operate. Work pieces can be safely loaded and unloaded with the simple on/off lever and locking mechanism.
The magnets are available in five models with flat lift ratings of 220, 660, 1,320, 2,200 and 4,400 lb.; round lift ratings are 50 percent of the flat ratings. For safety, the actual breakaway force is 3.5 times greater than the maximum lift ratings.
Welding and High Heat Solutions
Designed to keep both hands free to safely work on the project at hand, welding magnets provide an ideal fast and accurate set up. Strong magnets securely hold metal objects in place for perfectly aligned edges.
On/Off magnetic welding squares provide additional flexibility during pre and post welding, allowing the user to determine when to engage with the magnet. Easy to use with pre-tapped holes for versatile mounting, just place these powerful on/off magnets on two mating steel surfaces to accurately position material for welding.
A simple push of the handle allows users to turn the handle to the ‘on’ position and secure for working. A reverse turn disengages the magnet and allows for safe storage. Made with powerful neodymium, the magnets have a flat pound pull ranging from 150 to 1,000 lb.
Material Transfer
Heavy-Duty Magnetic Bulk Parts Lifters allow for easy transferring of bulk metal pieces including nails, screws, nuts, washers, eyebolts or other ferrous metal items. The heavy-duty magnet attracts any ferrous metal parts in the vicinity, then a fingertip pull on the easy-to-use release bar drops the load into the desired location, ensuring a fast and safe transfer of sharp metal parts.
The latest addition to Master Magnetics’ roster of parts lifters is the uniquely styled Magnetic Multi-Lift. Encased in a durable, lightweight plastic housing, powerful ceramic magnet allows for easy transfer of bulk metal pieces including nails, screws, nuts and washers.
With a 30-inch handle and easy-grip release handle, the Magnetic Multi-Lift has a maximum lift rate of 20 lb. and is ideal for warehouses, workshops and more.
Tool Holding and Storages
With the popularity of mobile tooling and work stations, Master Magnetics continues to provide valuable, reliable and unique options for manufacturing.
Twenty-seven round base magnetic assemblies feature threaded bases or hooks, and provide a range of mounting and holding options for industrial and manufacturing industries.
The offerings include:
  • Grade 42 neodymium male and female threaded assemblies
  • Grade 42 neodymium J hooks
  • Rubber coated neodymium male and female threaded assemblies
Additional tool holding offerings include tool holders, parts trays and magnetic assemblies. Tools and equipment can be stored and retrieved easily with magnetic assemblies that are repositionable and available in a range of strengths, sizes and finishes.
Round Base Magnets
One of the most versatile magnets available, round base magnets work as low-profile holding or mounting magnets. Also referred to as cup magnets, round base magnets incorporate a steel housing with ceramic or neodymium magnets. The steel cup dramatically increases the holding force of the magnet. A hole in the center allows users to determine the type of attachment needed; providing a custom application with each use.
Master Magnetics offers round base magnets in four different styles: ceramic, neodymium, NeoGripTM and Super BlueTM. Ranging in holding strengths from four to 220 lb., there is a round base magnet for every application.
Industrial strength Super BlueTM round base magnets are Master Magnetics’ strongest round base magnet line. The unique Super Blue filling offers a smooth, strong grip, while preventing dust and debris from collecting around the magnet.
Easily attach a hook, eyebolt or nut to this low profile magnet to customize holding options.
NeoGripTM round base magnet provides a built-in liner for those applications where surface protection matters. The unique rubber liner also increases vertical sheer strength, while protecting surfaces from scratches.
The rust-resistant backing on the NeoGripTM provides additional protection in corrosive environments. Easily attach a hook, eyebolt or nut to customize holding options. Four sizes, up to 70 pounds pull, available.
About Master Magnetics, Inc.
Founded in 1976 and located in Castle Rock, Colorado, Master Magnetics, Inc. manufactures and distributes all types of magnets and magnetic devices for commercial, consumer and industrial use. Backed by over 40 years of industry excellence, The Magnet Source® brand is a trademark of Master Magnetics, Inc. and represents exceptional quality, expertise and customer service. For more information, call 800-525-3536 or visit
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