ControlTouch Systems Announces Rebrand to Intellimodus

The new brand identity reinforces the company’s investment in growth and serves as an opportunity to remain unique in the marketplace

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Louisville, KY – April 2019 – ControlTouch Systems, LLC, with over 29 years of designing systems to help customers move goods and services more efficiently, announced the business’ rebrand to Intellimodus, LLC, The Minds Behind Movement. The rebrand includes a new logo, tagline, website and social media channels.
The Intellimodus name means intelligent movement. The Intellimodus logo brings a sharp new visual identity, characterizing the brand as bold, smart and forward thinking. Intellimodus emphasis on having the world’s most talented engineers, project managers and problem- solvers is reflected in the company’s new tagline, “The Minds Behind Movement”. This language speaks to the core belief that, at Intellimodus the employees are the greatest asset.
Intellimodus will continue to provide systems and solutions for airports, parcel delivery hubs, distribution centers, water treatment facilities and manufacturing operations. The company will continue to deliver the results and improvements it has to every project, year after year.
“Our passion is developing and deploying smart, agile solutions to delight our customers,” said Brian Nichter, President. “We took this opportunity to rethink not just our name, but our entire brand. As “The Minds Behind Movement”, we are proud to be personally invested experts. Our new brand identity as Intellimodus illustrates the forward thinking solutions that improves today, while helping develop success for tomorrow. We are Intellimodus!”
Intellimodus plans for aggressive growth over the next couple of years. The growth plan started with relocating the office to a new collaborative workspace in downtown Louisville and continues with onboarding new talent, refining project delivery methods, developing new products and expanding into new markets.
Please visit WWW.INTELLIMODUS.COM explore the new website and learn more about all the solutions offered.
About Intellimodus
Intellimodus, LLC is a technology company that designs and develops control systems and automated solutions. We work with business leaders and companies who are looking for more agile solutions to continuously improve their automated operations so they operate better tomorrow. For more information, please visit
Allison Myers 
Senior Marketing Manager