Penco Products Celebrates 150 Years of Growth and Innovation

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

GREENVILLE, NC- Penco Products Inc. is proud to announce that it is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2019.  As America’s oldest manufacturer of steel lockers and shelving, Penco’s reputation has been built on quality products and service, continuous improvement and dedicated employees committed to their customer’s success.    
“From humble beginnings in South Philadelphia just 4 short years after the end of the Civil War, Penco Products has endured and flourished.  We have a saying at Penco, “Why not be the best?”  Someone has to be the world’s best supplier of lockers and shelving – so why not us?  We have made investments in state of the art technology, process improvements, product enhancements and training of our people to deliver greater value than ever before,” said Tom Kulikowski, President and CEO, Penco Products.  “Our future is now.”  
Navigating the changing and complex world of manufacturing can be a challenge for a company of any size. 150 years ago, a man named L. Lewis Sagendorph saw an opportunity to produce the finest metal products in America. He named his bourgeoning business Penn Metal Corporation of Pennsylvania. Through the years, Penn Metal’s product lines evolved from steel pipes, safes and metal tiles to include lockers, shelving, and aircraft landing mats.  In the 1950’s the company name was shortened to Penco Products and the plant and offices were expanded to accommodate business growth. In 2001, the East Coast manufacturing facility was moved from Pennsylvania to Hamilton, NC, allowing significant room for expansion.  Penco’s corporate headquarters is located in Greenville, NC with Distribution Centers in strategic locations across the United States.
The marking of a sesquicentennial anniversary for any business is a significant milestone and a very proud moment in history. Penco Products has planned a series of events to mark the occasion. The company plans to celebrate this special anniversary with a Gala in May followed by a Family Fun Day in September for all employees and their families. 
Throughout 2019 Penco will be taking a look at where they started, what they’ve achieved, and what they plan for the future. They look forward to growing their partnerships with employees, customers and suppliers, bringing spirits of pride and innovation to all they do and realizing their vision of being the world’s best supplier of steel lockers and shelving. 
Penco Products portfolio includes: Lockers, Shelving, Pallet Rack, Hygiene and Textile Rental products. Penco’s products are available through a nationwide network of distributors, serviced by a team of District Sales Managers. Please visit the website at for more information.
Penco Products, Inc.

Jennifer Williamson, Marketing Services Manager

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