Flexible IP65 Certified System Ideal for Deployment in Pharmaceutical, Food Processing and Chemical Industries

Monday, November 25, 2019

BOLINGBROOK, IL – November 20, 2019 – TAWI USA, a leading provider of ergonomic materials handling systems that increase productivity, protect employee health and provide flexible work environments today announced the formal introduction of the TAWI CR80, a new IP65 certified lift trolley system that ensures the easy and safe movement of most types of goods in industries with stringent sanitary requirements.
The TAWI CR80 is a stainless-steel, waterproof and dustproof belt drive lift system with all electronics safely enclosed in the chassis. These features allow it to operate in an easy and safe fashion within the most demanding environments while meeting rigorous sanitary requirements.
“The new CR80 includes a lifting belt coated with PVC for even easier cleaning. This makes it perfect for working environments where you need to clean the equipment daily. It is easy to wash the lifter with high pressure”, says David Ranfalk, Technical Manager at TAWI.
The design, which was informed by decades of experience providing solutions to minimize contamination risk, makes it an ideal lift solution for food processing and many chemical and pharmaceutical work areas. Specifically, its closed construction design and smooth surfaces minimize particle accumulation and make it easy to clean with a high pressure cleaning systems and alcalic solvents. 
The ergonomic TAWI CR80 seamlessly lifts up to 175 pounds. It also can be equipped with a wide range of different stainless-steel tools and accessories such as forks, booms and core grippers to customize the system to specific tasks. This flexibility creates cost efficiencies for customers by allowing them to attach different tools to the CR80 so it can be used to serve several work stations.
Operators can easily maneuver the CR80 as it sits on wheels that make it steady and smooth to drive while using its variable speed joystick. The system also equipped with a reliable braking system and Safe Drive function – ensuring that if a tool hits an object during lowering, it will stop immediately.
About TAWI
For over 80 years, TAWI has been a global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of materials handling equipment to increase productivity, protect employee health and provide flexible work environments. TAWI develops solutions that incorporate specialized lifting devices into customer functions that traditionally involve heavy repetitive manual lifting. TAWI products save backs, knees and shoulders and help create a more effective handling of goods, thus creating efficiencies and saving money for our customers. All TAWI solutions, which include vacuum lifters, hoists, crane systems and mobile lifters, are designed and manufactured in Kungsbacka, Sweden. For more information on please visit www.TAWI.com.
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